WheatGerm Fish Food

Balanced Nutrition for Cooler Months7

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wheat germ• Easy-to-Digest Formula for Colder Temperatures
• Perfect for Transitioning Fish Into & Out of Winter
• Great for All Pond Fish
CrystalClear® WheatGerm floating fish food designed for the cooler
months of the year. This wheat germ formula is easily digestible and
perfect for transitioning koi and goldfish into and out of the colder
months. Contains a minimum of 28% protein.


NEW CrystalClear® WheatGerm

Balanced Nutrition for Cooler Months
CC053-2 CrystalClear® WheatGerm 2.2 lb Bucket NEW
CC053-4 CrystalClear® WheatGerm 4.4 lb Bucket NEW
CC053-8 CrystalClear® WheatGerm 8.8 lb Bucket NEW

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