Waterfall Maintenance Tips

Here are 4 Waterfall Maintenance Tips for waterfalls in back yard living spaces in Canada.

1) Clear the waterfall of debris – sticks, leaves, grass clipping etc if left will begin to decompose. When they decompose there release nutrients into the water which feeds the algae spores that then result in a green gooey mess ( algae bloom).

2)Ensure the rocks in the water fall are well positioned – misplaced rocks can result in water jumping the side of the liner resulting in water loss for the water feature.

3) Rocks have become green and slimy – this is result of high nutrients in the water allowing the algae to grow and form. There are couple things you can do to prevent this from happening.

  • Consistently add Beneficial Bacteria to the water source. Beneficial bacteria will consume the excess nutrients which starves the algae. It is completely safe for the environment, pets and humans as it is naturally occurring. Bacta Pur Klear, Bacta Pur Sludgebuster, MuckOff, ClarityMax and Biological Clarifier are all good products to choose from. Buy Online
  • Shade the waterfall from the sun – with the use of pond dye this can be easily achieved. Pond dye comes in blue or black and both look quite nice. However, Black is more natural looking less noticeable.

4) If the green guck (algae) has already accumulated on your rocks there are ways of cleaning them.

  • Pressure wash each rock- be mindful not to rearrange the rocks too much. If moving a rock ensure it does not puncture your liner.
  • Oxylift – lifts debris from waterfalls, streams or anywhere debris occurs. Just sprinkle it on and rinse it off.
  • D-Solv – similar to Oxylift  it cleans in seconds of application to remove debris.

If you are unsure how to treat your pond or waterfall or just have questions, our friendly staff is here to help you. Please call us at 1-877-745-6898 with any questions you may have. Our company is located in the heart of Canada and we  proudly serve all provinces coast to coast. Most products can be purchased  Online


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