Pond Clear works to eliminate nutrients in the water which in turn starves the algae!

Pond Logic – PondClear is a completely natural product. When used in accordance with label directions PondClear is completely safe for your fish, plants, pets, and pond wildlife.

  • Enhance Water Clarity
  • Remove Excess Nutrients & Noxious Odors
  • Attack Suspended Debris

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Naturally Clears Murky Water

  • Restore pond clarity, water quality and pond balance with Pond Logic- PondClear. PondClear contains specialized strains of beneficial aerobic bacteria that digest organic debris that cause decreased water clarity, muck accumulation & pond imbalance.
  • Clean, Clear, Healthy & Balanced
  • Water clarity issues and water imbalances are commonly caused by an abundance of organic debris brought on my fish waste, leaves and other plant decay. The beneficial aerobic bacteria in Pond Logic – PondClear quickly goes to work to consume organic debris that causes cloudy water, muck accumulation, foul pond odors, and imbalanced pond water.
  • No-Mess Water Soluble Packets
  •  Convenient water soluble packets (WSP) make treating your pond a breeze. There’s no need to cut, tear, scoop or pour Pond Logic – PondClear, just throw the packets in your pond and let your water do the rest. Pond owners looking to try PondClear for the first time or customers on a budget can take advantage of our PondClear  Liquid Gallon. Liquid PondClear contains the same powerful beneficial bacteria but offers a lower up-front purchase price.
  •   Fish, Plant & Wildlife Friendly

Pond Logic PondClear


Pond Logic® PondClear™ is an all natural, beneficial bacteria designed to remove excess nutrients and eliminate noxious odors in your pond. Naturally improves pond water by attacking suspended organic waste and muck. The bacteria digest organic debris leaving you with water that is clean and clear while promoting a healthy ecosystem. You will achieve the same great results using either the liquid gallon or water soluble packets of PondClear™. Liquid gallons of PondClear™ are available for pond owners that prefer the smaller initial cost. PondClear™ packets are easier to apply and are more cost-effective per treatment than using liquid.


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Usage Information

From dosage rates to product labels, the USAGE tab contains all of the information you need to properly apply your pond care products.

Pond Logic® PondClear™

1 Gallon
Pond Logic® PondClear™

12 Packets
Pond Logic® PondClear™

24 Packets
Pond Logic® PondClear™

96 Packets
Application Liquid Packet Packet Packet
Active Temp Above 50°F Above 50°F Above 50°F Above 50°F
Months of Treatment For 1/4 Acre Pond Up to 1 Month Up To 3 Months Up to 6 Months Up To 24 Months
Shelf Life 2 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years

Dosage Rates

Pond Size
PondClear™ (Every 2 Weeks)
Up To 1/4 Acre 1/2 Gallon or 2 Packets
Up To 1/2 Acre 1 gallon or 4 Packets
Up To 3/4 Acre 1-1/2 Gallons or 6 packets
Up To 1 Acre* 2 Gallons or 8 packets

*For ponds larger than 1 acre, use 8 packets per surface acre, every 4 weeks.

How To Apply

PondClear™ Packets – DO NOT OPEN PACKETS! Packets are to be applied directly to the water. Distribute packets from shore or boat. PondClear™ works best when evenly disbursed across the body of water.

PondClear™ Liquid – Shake well before use. Apply directly out of the container. PondClear™ works best when poured in several spots along the shoreline.

When To Apply

Apply every two weeks when water temperatures are above 50º F. Wait three days after an algaecide and/or herbicide treatment to apply PondClear™.


May be applied to lakes and ponds used for irrigation and aquaculture. Water treated with PondClear™ may be used for recreation, fishing and other activities immediately after treatment. Safe for recreational ponds, horses, livestock, birds, pets, fish, wildlife and the environment. Do not apply to water that will be used for human consumption.



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