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We have had great success with Bacta Pur beneficial bacteria for starving algae growth in ponds, dugouts, small lakes, aquariums etc.  Bacta-Pur developed by IET-Aquaresearch Ltd  is cost-effective, purely biological solution for water quality improvement.

The IET-Aquaresearch Ltd multidisciplinary team has decades of both practical and technical expertise in waste water treatment, aquaculture, water body restoration, ecological engineering, industrial fermentation and microbial ecology. Understanding the processes involved in these different fields is one of their strengths. They provide the technical support essential to attaining the desired results cost-effectively and with respect for the environment.

ECOPROBIOTICS are communities of beneficial natural bacteria, which have been selected for their synergistic ability to biodegrade pollutants and to improve water quality. Just as people take probiotic yogurt to assure the presence of the optimal community for digestion and immunity, ECOPROBIOTICS, the probiotic yogurt FOR Mother Nature, improve ecosystem health, ecommunity and increase biodiversity.

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I started using Bacta Pur last year on a clients pond that has been riddled with algae for years. We have tried virtually everything on the market with little to no success.
Last spring I started a bi-weekly regiment of adding in the product via spraying it on the surface and was absolutely astonished by the results. There were virtually no algae in the stream or pond at any point throughout the season. Thanks again Lynne for bringing this product to me and making me a hero to my clients.

 Jeff Stephen – ATS Pond Maintenance


This past March, my daughter & I attended the Annual Gardening Show in Winnipeg.  While we were strolling through the booths, of which there were many, we came across a booth for “Riverdale Supply” out of Carman, MB.  I got talking to Lynne Melvin about my ponds, and how they are always growing algae.  I have tried every product out there!  Lynne was very informative about her products, and suggested that I try Klear.  I purchased a 1 litre container (as I was very skeptical about it working), and by the end of April beginning of May I had my ponds cleaned and running!  I put the recommended amount in for start up and waited.  Three weeks later my ponds were still clear!  I followed the directions as indicated on the container and had no more problems with algae.
Thank you Lynne, you are a lifesaver! No more cleaning out the ponds through the summer!

Debbi Unger
Riding Mountain, MB


Dear Lynne,

I have just come in from a refreshing swim in my favorite place in our yard – our large dugout.  We have been using Bacta Pur for the past 3 seasons and the water is in excellent shape again this spring – clean and clear with no odor at all.  We are able to enjoy our dugout for swimming all season knowing that the aquatic life and domestic and wild animals can also enjoy this wonderful natural habitat.  Our dugout is quite large, approximately 60 x 15 meters and 10 meters deep.  In combination with our wind powered aeration system, Bacta Pur works great!


Karen Tjaden

Homewood MB


Overview of BACTA PUR Product Line

  •  It works to starve out algae in ponds, dugouts, and pond-free water features by devouring ammonia, nitrites, organic debris, sludge, etc. It is completely natural and chemical free and safe for pets, fish, and people.
  • Bacta-Pur KLEAR  breaks down ammonia and nitrites. Great for existing ponds, starting new ponds and for using in pond free applications. Application rate –  5oz/1000gallons
  • Bacta-Pur SLUDGEBUSTER  breaks down organic debris and sludge at the bottom of the pond.  Application rate – 5oz/1000gallons
  • Bacta-Pur  POND  is excellent for treating larger ponds and dugouts. It is a combination of the KLEAR and the SLUDGEBUSTER formulas.  Application rate 1/4 liter treats 600sq feet of water surface.
  • Bacta-Pur  NUTRIPAK which provides essential nutrients for the growth and development of Ecoprobiotics. Application rate –  5oz/1000gallons

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Bacta-Pur® Products Features

  • Natural, biological solutions
  • Environmentally safe
  • Available in 1.056 US qts (1 Liter) & 1.056 US gal (4 Liters) containers
  • Non-hazardous, NEVER contain an added chemical such as surfactants, emulsifiers or enzymes
  • Approved by MA DEP (Title V)



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