Beneficial Bacteria for combatting Pond Algae

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Bacta Pur is a very effective and environmentally safe product that is used to eliminate algae in ponds and dugouts. How? In a nutshell the bacterium consumes the available nutrients in the water which essential starves out the algae. Since the bacterium will also consume organic matter such as grass clippings, leaves, sludge etc it will also consume the dead algae at the bottom of the pond. Not all beneficial bacteria’s are created equal – Bacta Pur is the only line on the market that has a Certificate of Quality.  There are no chemicals or emulsifiers used in the mixtures therefore you are purchasing pure bacteria in a very concentrated mix. It is safe for pets, fish and humans!

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There are 6 main products to select from:

Bacta-Pur®KLEAR—breaks down ammonia and nitrites. Great for starting new ponds and treating existing ones! 5 oz treats 1000 gallons

Bacta-Pur®SLUDGEBUSTER-breaks down organic debris and sludge at the bottom of the pond 5 oz treats 1000 gallons

Bacta-Pur® POND– is excellent for treating larger ponds and dugouts. It is a combination of the KLEAR and the SLUDGEBUSTER  .

Bacta-Pur®NUTRIPAK which provide essential nutrients for the growth and development of Ecoprobiotics 5 oz treats 1000 gallons

Bacta-Pur® SEPTIC & Bacta-Pur® DRAINprovides effective safe and purely biological treatment for home septic systems and drains. It improves the ecosystem health & increases biodiversity.

The feedback from our customers has been tremendous! They honestly can’t believe how quick and effective it is. Have an algae problem? Call us and we would be pleased to recommend a treatment program for your water feature. Contact Us

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