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Aeration is one of the best things that you can provide to your pond, dugout or lake. Our Airmax aeration systems are sized for all applications; from the smallest of ponds (under 1000 gallons) to lakes 9 acres in size! All the Airmax systems are simple to install as they come in one complete kit. Please contact us for sizing,  pricing and detailed information. We would be happy to help you!

Airmax Ecosystems was founded with a passion to improve the methods in which pond owners cared for their ponds. Their guidelines were simple, focus on natural solutions that provided outstanding results while keeping the process simple and affordable. This was a tall order and took years to perfect but the end result was a revolutionary process we named The Airmax Ecosystem. This PROactive approach to pond management focuses on treating the source of the problem, which in most cases, is an abundance of excess nutrients. This now proven approach has become the standard in modern day pond management. The Airmax Ecosystem saves pond owners time, money and most importantly helps them to enjoy their pond season after season.

Airmax has developed many different tools ranging from powerful, quiet, energy efficient aeration systems to safe 100% natural water treatments and conditioners for the pond, lakes, decorative water gardens, water features and koi ponds. Airmax has continued to lead the industry in new and innovative products. With our  pond owner first  mindset, you can be assured that every Airmax product will have three distinct attributes: performance, simplicity and value.

The Airmax Promise is simple. Pond owners come first. It is their duty to provide you, the pond owner with the necessary information to make the right, informed decision when caring for your pond. The pond owner is always the final judge and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied we want to know about it. All Airmax products must carry a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, period.

Airmax aeration systems are perfect for the smallest of ponds (under 1000 gallons) to the small Lakes (up to 9 acres in size!)  Subsurface aeration is a critical component of healthy clear water.  Airmax is one the best aeration systems on the market and is backed with a Satisfaction Guarantee!


Why is Aeration important?

Airmax Aeration Systems utilize a shore mounted air pump that delivers compressed air to a synergistic diffuser plate on the ponds bottom. As the air rises from the diffuser plate at the bottom, it creates a convection current that slowly and steadily turns the water body over. Bringing the bottom waters up to the top to interact with the atmosphere not only adds oxygen to the water but circulates as well. It is this interaction that lies at the heart of the Airmax Aeration System.

The circulation created by the Airmax Aeration System eliminates the thermocline (water separated into multiple layers based on temperature.) When the thermocline is eliminated, oxygen is allowed to the ponds  bottom, creating a perfect environment for aerobic beneficial bacteria  to thrive. With the help of these bacteria, the water column will become clear while the muck is reduced at the ponds bottom.
In a thermally stratified state, the bottom half of the pond becomes almost uninhabitable to fish. The low oxygen level and high amount of toxins drive your fish into the much warmer top half of the pond. The Airmax Aeration System de-stratifies the water column, creating optimal conditions for fish to inhabit the entire body of water.

Keeping the aerator running in colder climates (where an ice layer may form) will greatly reduce the chances of winter fish kill. Dying or dead vegetation will cause toxic gases to build up underneath the ice during the winter months. These toxic gases can displace the oxygen, causing a winter fish kill. The Airmax Aeration System can prevent this by circulating the water column, providing and maintaining an opening in the ice, and allowing the toxic gases to safely escape as well as increasing overall oxygen levels in the water column.

No Power Needed at Shore!

There is a misconception with subsurface aeration systems that the power source must be located near the pond. This is not the case! The power source for the Airmax Aeration System can be up to one quarter mile away(1000 feet)! Using Airmax direct burial airline from the compressor located at the remote power source to the pond’s edge requires no electrician and costs a fraction of running electrical wire.
Note: Each diffuser needs a separate airline. If an individual run of the airline is greater than 300 feet, 5/8 inch weighted airline is suggested. The distance between the compressor and the ponds edge can be up to 1000 ft per airline without performance loss.

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Swim Ponds / Swimming Pools / Hot Tubs / Public Beaches

Our aeration and beneficial bacteria is very well suited for swim pond use as it safe for humans, pets, fish and any other living creature. We have clients that have installed our  aeration and using our beneficial bacteria in their swimming pools and hot tubs this summer rather than using chlorine or salt.

CASE STUDY – Swim Pond


You can be assured that all items that carry the Airmax® or Pond Logic® name are of the highest quality.

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