Improve Water Quality

Whether you have a small pond, dugout or lake water quality is usually a concern. Water that is stagnant is not only unsightly but smells bad too. We can help! Algae is usually a result of excessive nutrients in the water and the nutrients come from runoff, fish populations, organic debris etc.

There are 3 main things that you can do to alleviate this problem:

Beneficial Bacteria:  added to the water to consume excessive nutrients in the water. Since Bacteria is naturally occurring in the environment it is safe for fish and animals.
Aeration: is a very important part of improving water quality as it adds dissolved oxygen to the water.
Shading with Pond Dye: Our pond dye’s are 4 x stronger than many dyes’s on the market. With the use of pond dye, the water is shaded and the algae is unable to grow.

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Every Pond and Lake Life Cycle has 2 stages!

Stage 1:

The pond has little or no muck accumulation or excessive nutrients. Aquatic growth is easy to manage. The pond looks great but this stage usually lasts for the first 3 to 5 years of the pond’s existence.

Stage 2:

The pond has heavier layers of much accumulation and excessive nutrients. Aquatic growth becomes excessive and harder to manage.


Most pond owners that reached Stage 2 and are in a REACTIVE mode to pond management. They wait to see growth before treating it. Solution It is never too late or early to start treating your pond, dugout or lake. Start now by providing it with an Airmax aeration system along with BACTA PUR  beneficial bacteria and pond dye. This combination is one of the best for preventing and treating unwanted algae!

What is Thermocline?

Every un-aerated Pond and Lake that is at least 6 feet deep is thermally stratified!

Pond Bottom:

Water is colder with lower oxygen levels (anaerobic environment), and is home to most of the toxic gases that accumulate in a pond.

Pond Surface:

Water is warmer with higher oxygen levels (aerobic environment), and is home to the majority of the ponds fish population. Problem: Thermal Stratification can contribute to high levels of muck, cloudy water, and is one of the main causes of winter fish kills.


Install an Airmax aeration kit to provide much-needed oxygen to the bottom of the water along with applications of aerobic Bacta Pur beneficial bacteria. Every pond has naturally occurring bacteria but is it the right type?

Anaerobic Bacteria (most common):

These non-aggressive bacteria reside primarily below the muck on the pond’s bottom. They consume muck at an extremely slow rate and are responsible for releasing foul-smelling gases, as well as nutrients that feed future plant life.  Anaerobic bacteria requires no oxygen to thrive.

Aerobic Bacteria:

These aggressive bacteria compete with plants and algae for available nutrients, helping to clear the water and digest muck. This decomposition process leaves nothing more than an odorless gas that escapes out of the water column unnoticed. Aerobic bacteria do best when high levels of oxygen are present.


Most ponds only contain high levels of anaerobic bacteria, which create a more difficult environment to adequately manage excessive nutrients and pond muck. Aerobic Bacteria such as BACTA PUR can be added to alleviate the problem. BACTA PUR is highly effective and we have had tremendously positive feedback from our customers.  Until recently, most pond owners have relied on REACTIVE pond management practices to keep their pond clear of excessive, unwanted, aquatic growth. They have traditionally waited for the problem to appear then treated it chemically.  Chemicals can be bandages for the real problem and can actually contribute to the problem by adding more nutrient-rich muck to the pond increasing the overall nutrient load not to mention the negative environmental effect on the pond and the creatures living there!


With the introduction of the Airmax Ecosystem program, pond owners have now been able to convert to, and rely on, PROACTIVE pond management practices. With the use of aeration, 100percent natural bacteria and/or pond dyes, they have been able to get directly to the SOURCE of their problems; excessive nutrients in the water column and muck at the bottom of the pond. By providing microbial competition for the nutrients, they have successfully maintained healthy, clear ponds for all to enjoy.

Improve Water Quality

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