Ultrasonic Algae Control

LG Sonic products provide an environmentally friendly solution to monitor and control algae and biofouling in lakes, drinking water reservoirs, and other applications by making use of ultrasound technology.

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We have ultrasonic algae control systems from LG Sonic in operation in Manitoba and we are experiencing great success. Excellent solution for dugouts, irrigation ponds, drinking water reservoir, waste water lagoons, city retention ponds, lakes etc.Ultrasonic Algae Control


Benefits of Ultrasonic Algae Control

They use specific ultrasonic parameters to effectively control algal blooms

Reduce up to 90% of the algae

Eliminate existing algae and prevent the growth of new algae

Reduce chemical usage

Reduce fouling, bacterial counts and chemical consumption

Payback period of 1.8 years

Cost-effective solution because of low operational costs

Environmentally friendly

Control algae without harming the ecosystem, no release of toxins


The MPC-Buoy combines online water quality monitoring, web-based software and ultrasound technology to provide state-of-the-art treatment against algae and cyanobacteria in lakes, dams and water reservoirs.

Many of the lakes and waterways around us can suffer from severe algal blooms in the warmer seasons. Because of high water temperatures and nutrient levels, algae can reproduce quickly.

At LG Sonic have developed an environmentally friendly solution to control algal blooms in large bodies of water. This system is called the MPC-Buoy.

The MPC-Buoy is a solar-powered platform that allows monitoring, prediction, and control of algal blooms with the use of ultrasound technology. It eliminates up to 90% of the current algae, prevents new blooms, and lowers TSS and pH levels without disturbing the ecosystem.

So how does it work?

They already knew that ultrasound is an effective method to control algae. But as they discovered through scientific research, the ultrasonic treatment needs to be adjusted according to the type of algae and other parameters in the water in order to perform at its highest efficiency.

Every ten minutes essential parameters are monitored, such as chlorophyll a, phycocyanin, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH, redox, and temperature.

The monitored data it is transferred to a web-based software.

“Here at LG Sonic, we receive real-time water quality data to verify the current status of the lakes of our customers.”

“Based on our developed algorithm, we modify the ultrasonic program to the specific water conditions.”

“Once a specific program is set to target the algae, four ultrasonic transmitters will ensure complete coverage of a designated area.”

“Our customers can visually follow the water quality and progress of the ultrasonic treatment.”

So, the MPC-Buoy contains detailed monitoring equipment, providing a complete overview of the water quality and controls the algae accordingly by using ultrasound. This way offering a complete algae control solution.

Control and Monitor Algae with the MPC-Buoy

Complete algae control solution by using ultrasound    Ultrasonic Algae Control

    • Sensor package to provide real-time water quality data
    • Control algae in lakes, dams and water reservoirs
    • Treatment range of 500m/1600ft in diameter


Control Algae in Ponds with the LG Sonic e-line

Chemical-free algae control with the LG Sonic e-line

    • Integrated Aquawiper™for minimal maintenance
    • Control algae in ponds and golf course ponds
    • Treatment range up to 200m/650ft


Algae Control in Lakes: Reduce Taste and Odor problems

The algae control devices from LG Sonic emit specific ultrasonic parameters in order to control harmful algal blooms in lakes.

In lakes, large ponds, water reservoirs and public waters, the growth of blue-green algae presents a formidable problem. These types of algae represent a group of bacteria known as cyanobacteria, which give rise to a distinct foul odor and are also known to produce toxins.

Each year, numerous lakes are forced to close for recreational and other uses due to the growth of blue-green algae. In response to this global problem, LG Sonic offers high-tech monitoring and controlling systems to prevent and control harmful algal blooms.

Benefits of algae control in lakes

Effective treatment to control algae

The products are developed in collaboration with several renowned universities and research institutes. The LG Sonic system eliminates up to 90% of the current algae and prevents the growth of new algae.

Safe for the environment

Reduce expensive and environmentally unfriendly chemicals. Safe solution for fish, plants, zooplankton, and insects which has been tested by various universities and research institutes.

Prevent the occurrence of toxic blue-green algae

Toxins from the algae can cause a bad taste and smell to the water and potentially cause diseases.

Improve the water quality

Make the water look more appealing for recreational purposes.

Chameleon Technology™

Change the ultrasonic program according the water conditions, type of algae, and type application.

Products can be NSF/ANSI Standard 61 certified

Ensure that the products do not release contaminants into the water that could be a health concern.

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