Timers and Photocells

 NEW- CAST Astronomical Digital Time Clock (CTDTC)

Timer Calculates Sunset and Sunrise Time so Photocell is not Needed

CAST Astronomical Digital Timer plugs into transformer timer receptacle.

Works with all CAST transformers (except CJT150SSMT and electronic models).


• Calculates Sunset and sunrise times

• Options for different schedules on each day of the week

• Display prompts programming

• Digital accuracy to one minute

• Rechargeable battery backup

• Daylight savings adjustment

• Manual override ON/OFF

Timer Instructions

Check out the video to learn how to set this time clock:



CAST Plug-In Photo Cell (CTPC)

CAST Lighting PhotocellCAST Lighting Photocell attaches to transformer to switch on power at dusk. This is typically used in conjunction with a CAST Timer.

Quick-connect to transformer photocell plug.

Locking ring and nut secures unit in knock-out opening.





CAST Plug In Time Clock (CTTC)

CAST Lighting Manual Time ClockDownload manual timer instructions

CAST 24-hour electromechanical timer plugs into transformer timer receptacle.

Works with all CAST transformers (except electronic models).



• Captive trippers

• Programming resolution of 15 minutes

• Easy to program



Timers and Photocells
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