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On CAST Lighting Products

NEW! I just had to let someone at CAST Lighting know about the durability of the CAST Lighting products I recently installed. I built a long pergola onto the back of my house and installed 11 niche lights up into the pergola beams. Here’s the part I am in awe of: A few days ago, we had tornados touching done in the city along with tremendous hail and horizontal winds. This pergola and lighting endured about 30 minutes of battering from “golf ball” sized hail and the lights never even flickered! The bulbs are still burning bright. The niche cans have a little temporary patina discolor from where the hail hit them….but NO DENTS AT ALL!! This hail storm broke out windows and beat up all the venting on the roof, caused the pergola beams to splinter in places. It’s true you get what you pay for and I’m glad I chose CAST for my lighting products!
– E.C., Amarillo, TX

Landscape lighting at 9000’+ above sea level where we average 350” of snow a year mandates tough equipment. I put Cast’s MR16 bullet and Mushroom path lights to the test by installing them in an area where the ice and snow from the roof deposited directly on top of these fixtures. Not only did the fixtures continue to operate buried under four feet of snow and ice, they remained completely intact and apparently unharmed by the expanding and contracting ice. When the snow finally melted, the fixtures looked as new as the day they came out of the box. As a specifier of lighting products, I am delighted to have found a product that can withstand the harsh conditions of winter.
– E.N., Electrical Logic, Crested Butte, CO

We had a dual wheeled dump truck delivering a load of pea gravel for the driveway in the back yard. It ran over one of our CAST Bullets and pushed it sideways into the ground and continued into the back yard with a full load of gravel. I immediately went to see the status of the bullet. When I dug it out of the ground I was shocked. Not only was the fixture completely intact with no cracks, dents or bends, but the lens cover and bulb were not even scratched. I stuck it back in the ground and was enjoying a wall of light from that fixture when it got dark that evening.
– P.H., Upper Marlboro, MD



I will continue to buy CAST products because they are every bit as good as everyone says – and more!
– B.D., Hannibal, MO

CAST products are the best!!!!!!!!!
J.S., Mayaguez, PR

CAST products offer a quality that is unmatched in the landscape lighting industry, where there are many companies to choose from.
– S.Y., Bucks County, PA

Just want to say thanks for all your fine service and products. CAST makes our job easier. Keep up the good work.
J.S., Crofton, MD

Coming from the semiconductor world where the products must last 25 years or more, I can see that most other lighting products will fail after two years. CAST Lighting products are far superior to anything else on the market.
– D.P., Mississauga, ON

I am 100% sold on the lighting products your company supplies. I will only install the highest quality products.
– K.S., Leominster, MA

I have been using CAST products for over 3 years and use them nearly exclusively for my customer base. The reasons are two-fold, one being the respect I have for Dave Beausoleil, and two, because your product is the best.
– J.S., Fairfield, NJ

I have been doing lighting for over 5 years. This year I started with CAST – the response from my customers is unbelievable. They comment on both the beauty of the lights and on what they do at night.
– M.G., Ashland, MA

We never went after landscape lighting sales because we never had faith in any of the products on the market; but we do now.
– P.G., Aspen, CO

We only use the best, that’s why we use CAST exclusively.
– J.N., Andover, MA

On CAST Lighting Training and Education

I have about 30 of your lights for the landscaping on my home. I really love CAST Lighting, the lights are nearly indestructable. Great product!
– M.M.., Highland, UT

We found the CAST trainer to be extremely knowledgable about the products and the low voltage lighting industry. His style of instruction energized the whole seminar. We installed some CAST jobs previously along with others, but now because of the high quality, many unparalled features, and support we will be using CAST exclusively.
– A.J., Roebling, NJ

I just recently became CAST certified, but I am already seeing some additional lighting business. I have one contract, and have three more estimates for lighting pending that are in conjunction with hardscaping and landscaping. I am excited about this new branch for my business.
– J.Z., Lansdale, PA

I am an electrical contractor with a deep interest in landscape lighting. I recently took the landscape lighting training course that CAST offers through my supplier. The course was fantastic and it was definitely a great experience to do the hands-on install. Through my research CAST seems like a first class organization that is very informative and puts out a quality product.
– T.B., Hamden, CT

I recently attended a CAST Lighting Seminar with two of my employees. Thanks to the skills acquired that day, I was able to land my first job installing CAST through my landscaping company.
– B.H., Corum, NY

I would like to congratulate you and your staff for organizing a truly exceptional CAST Lighting seminar. The speaker’s depth of knowledge and boundless enthusiasm was unparalleled. His passion for lighting was positively infectious!
A.M., Warwick, Bermuda

I completed the hands-on seminar yesterday. It exceeded my expectations. The leader did a fine job – thorough and comprehensive.
– S.A., Moorestown, NJ

You are definitely great advocates of quality in our industry.
– A.V., Appleton, WI

On CAST Lighting Support

I have to tell you that trying to get into this portion of business was a very trying decision for me and with all the help I have gotten from CAST has just made this so easy. I am so excited that I went in this direction, It really has been so smooth. You all have made this ” the right choice for me” in getting into the lighting business with absolutely no regrets what so ever!!
– M.P., Boerne, TX

You guys have been great, you’re attention to the customer should be a model for others to follow!
– J.T., New Berlin, WI

The Regional Sales manager from CAST helped me TREMENDOUSLY on this job. His guidance was the best education I could have hoped for!
– B.D., Hannibal, MO

All I can say is WOW! I am blown away by the photos [from our CAST photo shoot]. Thanks for all your efforts.
– J.G., Raleigh, NC

I am “Blown Away” by my new CAST Sales Portfolio. It will definitely help me to sell jobs!
– R.S., Mississauga, ON

First class, as always with CAST!
– J.D., College Point, NY

Everything you guys do is first class. That is why I sell CAST almost exclusively. You really listen to your customers. I’m glad to be on board with CAST.
– R.R., Indianapolis, IN

The knowledge and talent that your Regional Sales Manager freely gave to us was unbelievable. With his help getting through my first job, I now feel confident to do it myself. I cannot express my thanks enough.
– R.B., Hollidaysburg, PA

Thanks for all the sales and marketing support from your generous staff. It is my strong belief that the actions of people are what build customer loyalty. I have no intention of using anything other than CAST.
– T.W., Woodbridge, CT

 On the CAST Lighting Distributor Partnership

It’s quite impressive to see a manufacturer and a distributor who are so dedicated to my success. It’s so rare to find in this industry.
– M.B., Reading, PA

Thank you for your support in training and introducing CAST Lighting products to our company. Without your products and your due diligence, my company wouldn’t be able to accept this award from the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals. Just cannot say enough about CAST and my local CAST distributor.
– M.G., Cheshire, CT

The stand alone displays from CAST are the classiest, best point of purchase displays I have ever seen in my 25 years in distribution.
– M.G., Auburn Hills, MI

The CAST representative did a fantastic job as instructor-trainer. I am finally comfortable enough to begin specifying the CAST system for upcoming projects. I will look forward to seeing the end results this spring & summer as new projects are started. He also provided me with the 40-page manual and plenty of hands-on training. It was a very good investment of my time.
T.H., Manhattan, KS 


Your products are consistently exceptional. While the high-quality appearance is subtle, it is sufficiently distinctive to have earned many positive comments from household guests.
– B.D., Franklin Lakes, NJ

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