Stress Reducer

Fish Stress Reducer PLUS Water Conditioner

  • Alleviates stress by enhancing fish slime coat
  • Use during water changes, fish transporting or any time fish are stressed
  • Removes heavy metals in tap water

Reduce fish stress, improve their protective slime coat and promote faster healing of damaged tissue with Pond Logic® Stress Reducer Plus.

The Ultimate Stress Buster

Pond Logic® Stress Reducer Plus helps alleviate stress caused by water changes, transportation and illness by enhancing their natural protective slime coat and helping to heal damaged tissue. To further combat fish stress, Stress Reducer Plus neutralizes harmful tap water elements like chloramines, chlorine and heavy metals. Knowing your prized fish are taken care of may just reduce a bit of your stress.

Let It Flow

Pond Logic® Stress Reducer Plus is delivered as a powerful concentrated liquid, meaning more active product and less useless filler.

Fish, Plant & Wildlife Friendly

When used in accordance with label directions Pond Logic® Stress Reducer Plus is completely safe for your fish, plants, pets and pond wildlife.

When To Use Stress Reducer Plus:

Stress Reducer Plus is designed to reduce fish stress and heal damaged tissue. Stress Reducer Plus forms a beneficial slime coat replacing the natural secretion of slime that is lost when fish are handled, breeding or under stress. Also works to remove chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals making tap water safe. Great for new ponds, during water changes or when handling or transporting fish.

How To Use Stress Reducer Plus:

To protect fish and condition water, simply add 1 ounce per 120 gallons of pond water.

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