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 Shallow Water Aeration – Powerful Aeration For Ponds Up To 1 Acre At 8′ Deep




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SW20- Aerates Ponds up to 1/4 acre, 6 ft deep

SW40 – Aerates Ponds up to 1/2 acre, 8 ft deep

ProAir 2 Weighted Diffuser

SilentAir LR Series Linear Diaphragm Compressor

Airmax Composite Cabinet


  • Great For Ponds Up To 8 Feet Deep
  • No Power Needed At Pond’s Edge
  • Efficient Dual Diaphragm Compressor

The Airmax® Shallow Water Aeration Systems are designed to provide maximum aeration and circulation in even the shallowest bodies of water ( up to 8 feet deep). These systems are ideal for ponds that typically require multiple aeration plates due to depth restrictions. A powerful, yet energy efficient, dual diaphragm compressor delivers air to the virtually maintenance-free ProAir™-2 Self Weighted Membrane Diffusers. Airmax® Pond Shallow Water Aeration Systems are shielded from the outside elements by a durable weather-proof SilentAir™ Standard Cabinet while a built-in ventilation fan and filtered air intake keep your aeration pump cool and free of moisture. The Airmax® Shallow Water Aeration Systems can be plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet & the airline can be trenched several hundred feet to the center of your pond. Airmax® Shallow Water Aeration Systems are made in the USA and are backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. We also offer a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Not sure which Airmax® Aeration System is right for you? Let us size it and we will guarantee the results!

We provide a FREE  design service. Get guaranteed results when we measure your pond’s size and map where the diffusers should be placed. Call today to speak to one of our aeration experts!

Providing bottom-diffused aeration in shallow ponds and lakes can provide a unique challenge to pond owners. Less water depth means smaller plate coverage which usually translates to bigger, more expensive, multi-plate systems. Our AM-SW series Shallow Water Aeration Systems provide multiple plates to provide evenly distributed aeration in shallow water applications without forcing customers into large cost-prohibitive aeration units. Designed specifically for use in shallow water, our AM-SW series aeration systems aerate ponds up to ½ surface acres at 8 feet deep.


lake with aeration





SilentAir  Standard Composite Cabinet

Our composite cabinet houses and protects the SilentAir  Compressor from outdoor elements! An integrated cooling system utilizes a UL-listed high-flow cooling fan and high-density air intake pre-filter to distribute air evenly throughout the cabinet keeping the interior components clean, cool and dry. An elevated base protects the aeration hardware and electrical components from flooding and rainwater accumulation while the removable top ensures quick and easy access for inspection and maintenance. Every SilentAir  Standard Composite Cabinet in our AM-SW series comes complete with a pre-wired one-gang duplex electrical box and 6-foot power cord to provide power to the enclosed cooling fan and aeration compressor.

SilentAir  Series Aeration Compressor 

The heart and soul of each AM-SW Aeration System, our powerful yet energy efficient SilentAir diaphragm compressors push oxygen through your pond while remaining whisper-quiet and costing as little as $3 a month in electricity running 24/7. Each SilentAir aeration compressor is fitted with an integrated air regulator to provide easy airflow-management and is mounted on vibration reducing rubber feet to ensure quiet operation.

ProAir -2 Diffuser Plates

Designed for maximum oxygen uptake, our ProAir -2 Diffuser Plates incorporate high-efficiency low-maintenance membrane sticks to release tiny oxygen bubbles into the water column. Membrane diffusers posses the synergy of air stones without the headaches of cracking and acid-washing. Our new non-stick Teflon coating prevents debris accumulation and performance reduction. A self-weighted black powder-coated steel base elevates the diffusers off of the pond bottom and out of muck and debris. Combined with a one-piece air distributor and one-way check valve the ProAir diffuser plates truly provide maximum output with virtually no maintenance.

EasySet  Self-Weighted Airline 

Designed to stay submerged underwater and out of sight, our EasySet self-weighted airline is guaranteed not to float. A thick wall and lead-free construction make EasySet airline the perfect pond-safe choice. Resistant to rips and tears, EasySet  airline is resilient against fishing hooks and foot traffic

Tech Specs

You can be assured that all items that carry the Airmax® or Pond Logic® name are of the highest quality. At any time you are not satisfied, return the item for an exchange or credit for the full cost.

2000 gallon pond or less

16000 gallon pond or less

3 acre pond /lake

9 acre pond/lake

Pond Dye

Beneficial Bacteria

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