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You can be assured that all items that carry the Airmax® or Pond Logic® name are of the highest quality. At anytime you are not satisfied, return the item for an exchange or credit for full cost.


Warranty Claims

All items are covered by a manufacturers warranty, in the unlikely event your have a problem please contact your local Airmax® dealer to have your item repaired or replaced.


If you’ve purchased replacement parts directly from Airmax® Ecosystems and need to make a return or exchange, simply call customer support and we will be happy to assist you. Please do not send replacement parts back without first getting a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA #) from customer support.

Your return must be in its original packaging, in new condition and suitable for resale. Once your product has been received and inspected, you’ll receive a refund within 30 days. When returning any item, please be sure to pack the product properly. We cannot provide a refund for any product received in damaged condition. In such a case, we will file a claim with the shipping company. In the event that the claim is denied due to poor packaging, we will not provide a refund. We will hold your product for 30 days, after which the product will be destroyed.

Pricing or Product Description Discrepancies for Replacement Parts

Airmax® Ecosystems makes every effort to assure the accuracy of the pricing and product information on our website. From time to time, we mess up and our pricing or product information may be inaccurate. In such cases, we reserve the right to cancel your order and provide you with a complete refund. In the event of inaccurate product information, our sole responsibility will be to accept the product return and provide a customer refund.

Warranty Claims for Replacement Parts

All replacement items that we sell are covered by a manufacturers warranty, in the unlikely event your have a problem please contact your Airmax® dealer to have your item repaired or replaced.


What Sets Airmax apart from the competitors?


The mud-water interface is located on the pond bottom and is composed of mud and “ooze” .  This is the area where water mixes with ooze. This substance has no texture and is composed of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide (smelly toxic gases).


By aerating this area of the pond, the toxic gases are removed, thereby increasing the habitat and health conditions for the fish and microbes. Nutrients that feed problematic algae and aquatic weeds are bonded to the pond bottom sediments, thus rendering them inactive. The results are a reduction in algae and weeds due to a starving of the food source.

We supply  Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Albert, British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories

What is Going on Under Water?

DIGITAL CAMERAAir is pumped to the diffuser

Millions of small 1mm bubbles rise at a rate of 1 ft/sec entraining water 360 degrees around the bubble column

Lift the low oxygen water to the surface at a rate of 4,500 gpm!


Iron is transformed from Ferrous Iron to Ferric Iron through oxidation.

Phosphorus and Nitrogen are bound to the Iron and are precipitated to the lake bottom.

Picture2 Picture3

diagram of lake




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2000 gallon pond or less

16000 gallon pond or less

1 acre pond/lake

3 acre pond /lake

9 acre pond/lake


Pond Dye

Beneficial Bacteria

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