Retaining Wall Waterfalls

Formal Falls are beautiful waterfalls that are installed into a variety of wall types. An LED light bar is available to create a spectacular evening display. The light bar rotates through up to 16 colors…or set it to your favorite color.

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Anyone installing a paver patio with a wall element should consider a Formal Falls. Or anyone looking to add a formal sheer waterfall to their landscape, fountain or swimming pool.


The compact size of a Formal Falls means you can build and enjoy a beautiful waterfall anywhere in your yard. Four different standard waterfall widths are available or a custom unit can be created for your specific project.



The installation cost of a Formal Falls is varied and depends on the type of wall material being used as well as the width of the falls you wish to create. Please consult your Authorized PondBuilder Installer for information. Pump operating costs are less with a Formal Falls because it’s not necessary to run the pump 24/7. You can set the pump on a timer to operate only when you are home.



Taking care of your Formal Falls is easy. Filling the reservoir every few weeks to compensate for evaporated water is all that’s required. Or you can install an automatic fill valve and eliminate virtually all maintenance!

Complete System

Here’s how it works:
The Formal Falls molded Basin is placed on a suitable base with the pump protected inside the basin. Wall block or other suitable material is stacked all around the molded basin. The Formal Falls spillway rests inside the wall block and is covered. The pump inside the basin pumps the water via tubing to the Formal Falls where the water returns via a waterfall into the basin. An LED light bar, located inside the Formal Falls unit, illuminates the waterfall for a spectacular night display.


2012 Formal Falls 16 instructions

Basin Kit for Medium Formal Falls

Basin Kit for Small Formal Falls

Basin Kit for Small Formal Falls

Formal Water Features

Formal Falls Basin Only with Anti-Splash mat

Formal Falls Mini – No Lights

Formal Falls Mini – with Lights

Formal Falls Small – No Lights

Formal Falls Small with lights

Formal Falls Medium – with Lights

Formal Falls Medium- No Lights

Formal Falls Large – No Lights

Formal Falls Large – with Lights

Formal Falls Spout Small Round

Formal Falls Spout Square

Formal Falls Spout | Large Round

Formal Spouts for Columns or Accent

Water Feature Types

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