Retaining Wall Waterfall

Retaining wall waterfall have become very popular in Canadian outdoor living spaces. Many people enjoy the sound and movement of water as it is very relaxing and tends to reduce stress. In our busy society a backyard paradise is ever more important for many people.

A waterfall in a retaining wall is a perfect solution for small area or those who enjoy a more contemporary landscape. The Formal Falls from Pond Builder are one of the best on the market today as each unit is constructed of stainless steel which is less likely to warp like plastic. These units are very durable and create a beautiful flow of water.

The units are simple to install as they can purchased as a kit or we can certainly size them for your specific project.

The Formal Falls retaining wall waterfall can be ordered with or without 16 LED lights creating an amazing look and feel in the evening. The lights are operated by a remote control and will not interfere with other frequencies in your home or outdoor living area.

So install a beautiful retaining wall waterfall and kick back on the patio and enjoy your well deserved relaxation time!

For more information please contact us for more information as we enjoying helping people.

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