Portable Dimmer Control for Impressionist Series

Impressionist Series Hand-held Dimmer Control Unit


A primary feature of the ground breaking CAST Impressionist Series fixtures is the capability for the designer or end-user to control the light level at the fixture or some remote location with the use of this dimmer. The Handheld Dimmer Control (CDIMMER) is simply plugged into the fixtures control receptacle (located on the fixture lead wire) and the user depresses a button to activate the dimming cycle.

Also available is the CDIMMEREW this accessory extends the length between the CDIMMER and the Impressionist fixture by 25ft.

  • 20-Step dimming cycle indicated by 10 LED indicator lights on the control unit.
  • Dims from 100% to 5%
  • One-button activator initiates the dimming cycle either up or down. Each time the button is depressed the direction reverses.
  • Depressing button continuously for 15 seconds brings fixture to full brightness
  • Fixture electronics hold light level in memory.

Sturdy plastic body with 6-foot control cable terminating in 2-pin plug


For more information please call us at 1-877-745-6898

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