Basin Matrix for Waterfalls

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  • Use Basin Matrix Blocks for your waterfall reservoir
  • Basin matrixes are designed to replace up to 90 percent of the gravel traditionally used in waterfall basins.
  • Over 3 times more water storage capacity than gravel! The water matrix holds 7.4 gallons of water per cubic foot whereas gravel can only hold 2.2 gallons.
  • Easier to clean and less likely to clog. Less labor excavating and moving boulders
  • Tighter spaces – build your stream/waterfall to end right over top of the Matrix.
  • Extra water volume reduces the maintenance of filling due to evaporation.

Large Matrix



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Using Basin Matrix

Basin Water Matrix are used inside your hidden Cascading Falls basin areas or similarly hidden water reservoirs required for Bubbling Rocks and Vase fountains.

How-to build a pondless waterfall, water matrix, matrix, basin matrix

Basin Water Matrix help create the hidden reservoir- Placed on top of the EPDM liner, the Basin Water Matrix supports the gravel keeping your water reservoir free from debris and safe for foot traffic.

How-to build a water matrix, water matrix assembly

Assembly of Basin Water Matrix takes just seconds, saving time on the job and space in the truck during jobsite transportation.  Each Basin Water Matrix can represent 17-32 gallons of water capacity.

Water Matrix, basin matrix, water storage, aquablocks

Create a smaller footprint for your basin reservoir by stacking multiple Basin Water Matrix, Pump Canyons and Pump Canyon Extensions together.

Black Foam


  •   12 oz. Can with Dispensing Straw
  •   Item: PB1380
  •  24oz. Can for Guns
  •   Item: PB1434

Foam Gun Cleaner



PondBuild ‘N Foam Guns


 Plastic Foam Gun

  •  Item: FMGNP

 Gold Steel Foam Gun

  • Item: FMGNS

Contractor Black Foam Kit with Case

black foam kit.

  •   features
  •   Durable Case with Foam Protection
  •   Foam Gun Cleaner (12oz.)
  •   Black Foam Gun Cans (2-24oz.)
  •   Steel Foam Dispensing Gun
  •   Cleaning Wrench
  •   Item: PB1601

Pond Nets


Debris Nets

  •   8in x 6in Net w/18in Handle
  •  Item: P1465
  • 10in x 7in Net w/36in Handle
  • Item: P1489

Fish Nets

  • 8in x 6in Net w/18″ Handle
  • Item: P1472
  • 10in x 7in Net w/36in Handle
  • Item: P1496

Pond Vacuum

Parts and Maintenance Kits

Pond Pipe and Air Tubing

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