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Welcome to our pond supply page. We carry quality pond building equipment for any size of water feature whether it be a bubbling rock, gold fish pond, koi pond, waterfall or stream, large pond or farm dugout we have what you need to build and treat it.

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There are 3 main treatments that you should seriously consider using the keep your pond clean and clear year round.



Aeration:Your first line of defense is Aeration!  Subsurface aeration adds Dissolved Oxygen to the pond. Dissolved oxygen improves fish health and it speeds up the beneficial bacteria.




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Beneficial Bacteria: Beneficial bacteria consume the excess nutrients in the water which in turns starves the algae which greatly improves the water quality.


Pond Dye

Pond Dye

Pond Dye: is like putting sunglasses on the pond as it provides shade from the UV rays of the sun. Algae and weeds need sun to photosynthesize therefore by blocking the sun it greatly reduces its ability to grow and flourish.





Water quality is important to us and we strive to promote only environmentally friendly products that won’t harm your pets, fish, plants or humans. Our treatments are tried and true with our own pond and our customers.

Our team of experts are here to answer any questions that you have regarding your pond big or small. We can determine your best method  treatment. If you are building a pond we can help with sizing and the appropriate equipment to keep your pond as maintenance free as possible.

Whether you are in Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan Alberta, BC or the rest of Canada we can help you. We have very good shipping rates across the country and can ship you product in a very short period of time.  W e have landscape contractors that we sell to across western Canada and into Southern Ontario. We enjoy helping people and answering any questions that you may have regarding their pond, lake or landscape lighting.

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