PondBuilder Videos


PondBuilder Inspirations

An excerpt of our DVD, highlighting inspirational applications of PondBuilder Products.


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PondBuilder Formall Falls Wiring Instructions

A brief look at connecting the LED lights to the power control and using the remote.




How to Build a Pondless Waterfall

Video demonstrating the step by step installation of a PondBuilder Mini Cascading Falls Kit. One of PondBuilder Elite line of pondless waterfall applications.


 Formal Falls

Video highlighting many of the New Formal Falls by PondBuilder.


Formal Falls Examples

Constructing a waterfall inside a retaining wall can be done effectively, quickly and with longevity when using a PondBuilder stainless steel Formal Falls. Ideal for the Landscape Contractor or the Homeowner wanting to dress up any type of wall. Indoors or Out!


Spot Treating Pond Scum

PondBuilder Aqua Fix Dry Spot Treatment works directly on pond scum and uses oxygen to lift scum off the rocks for easy removal. Never scrub rocks without treating scum with Aqua Fix Dry and/or Aqua Fix Liquid.
Note: Safe for Fish and Domestic Animals. Keep pump running during Aqua Fix Liquid application


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