Platinum Fish Food

Premium Nutrition for Growth, Health, and Color


platinum• 40% Protein for Rapid Fish Growth
• Made With Spirulina to Enhance Color
• Perfect for Growing Show Quality Koi
CrystalClear® Platinum contains a special blend of the highest quality proteins, vitamins,
and minerals to promote rapid growth. CrystalClear® Platinum also contains Spirulina and
Stabilized Vitamin C to bring out vibrant colors in koi. This floating fish food is designed for
premium nutrition for growing show-quality koi. Contains a minimum of 40% protein.

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Standard Pellet (3.0 mm)

CC038-2S CrystalClear® Platinum, Standard Pellet 2.2 lb Bucket NEW
CC038-4S CrystalClear® Platinum, Standard Pellet 4.4 lb Bucket NEW
CC038-17S CrystalClear® Platinum, Standard Pellet 17.6 lb Bucket NEW

Large Pellet (5.0 mm)

CC038-2L CrystalClear® Platinum, Large Pellet 2.2 lb Bucket NEW
CC038-4L CrystalClear® Platinum, Large Pellet 4.4 lb Bucket NEW
CC038-17L CrystalClear® Platinum, Large Pellet 17.6 lb Bucket NEW

Platinum Fish Food

Option Item Product Label
Platinum, Standard Pellet – 2.2 Pounds CC038-2S
Platinum, Standard Pellet – 4.4 Pounds CC038-4S
Platinum, Standard Pellet – 8.8 Pounds CC038-8S
Platinum, Standard Pellet – 17.6 Pounds CC038-17S
Platinum, Large Pellet – 2.2 Pounds CC038-2L
Platinum, Large Pellet – 4.4 Pounds CC038-4L
Platinum, Large Pellet – 8.8 Pounds CC038-8L
Platinum, Large Pellet – 17.6 Pounds CC038-17L
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