Planktonic Algae

Planktonic Algae

Planktonic Algae



Scientific Name: Chlamydomonas, Chlorella, Euglena, Closterium, Anacystis

Planktonic algae may at first appear as if your pond water is changing color. As this green or blue-green algae blooms more it can cause your pond to look like pea soup or paint. It will also cling to things, such as your shoreline, and leave traces of scum on rocks and other objects in the water. Some forms of Planktonic algae are toxic and can only be identified with the proper equipment.




Aeration: adds dissolved oxygen through the water column to the bottom of the pond. # 1 defense for this type of algae. Subsurface fine bubble system.

Beneficial Bacteria: reduce nutrients that feed the algae.

Pond Dye : Shades the water to slow photosynthesis

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