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There is no one who enjoys music in the home that does not also enjoy it outside the home. Regardless of the size or complexity of the system, outdoor speakers should always an option. Many homeowners are unaware that there are quality outdoor music options and they are often disappointed to discover this only after their landscape is complete.

Outdoor speakers can be added to multiple locations. Exterior music is about coverage. The more speakers, the more satisfying the experience without requiring extreme volume levels. And don not forget the front of the house. A pair of speakers in the garden next to the front door will create an ambiance that surprises guests and makes the home all the more inviting.

Imagine relaxing in the pool, by the barbeque or on the deck as music fills the environment. Whether it is an anniversary party for mom and dad, a graduation party in the backyard, or carols on the porch on Christmas Eve, SpeakerCraft has the worlds most diverse range of outdoor speakers. SpeakerCraft outdoor speakers, like the new Ruckus rock speakers, can withstand any weather condition and blend in seamlessly with the surroundings.

The Ruckus loudspeakers are a line of ten models with major upgrades in both sonic capability and appearance. They have an incredibly durable U.V. and weather-resistant lacquer coating on top of a reinforced, color-matched polyresin enclosure. This means that even if the outer coating is chipped or marred, the material underneath is the same color and, just like an actual rock, will maintain its rock-like appearance.

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SpeakerCraft Speakers are built to withstand harsh outdoor environments.  The photo below shows a OE Speaker mounted on the deck rail covered in snow.

winter photo






Marketing of Outdoor Speaker Systems

What is the most effective way to promote an outdoor speaker system to your customers? It is very easy to set up a simple demonstration speaker system for your clients to truly appreciate a SpeakerCraft sound system in their back yard. Just simply attached your own music source or the customers and play it in their backyard living space. Landscape lighting and outdoor speaker systems are very similar in layout and connections. Installation methods are very similar and can be done at the same time.  Consider creating a package deal including both sound and light! Please call for more information. 1-877-745-6898

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