Tree Lights

Cast Lighting offers an outstanding tree light which is creates a Moonlight effect on the ground below. The fixture is mounted approximately 20 feet up in the tree. The bracket allows the wire to bend without being crimped and allows airspace between the bracket and the bark thus reducing damage to the tree.


  • Heavy gauge extra long copper shroud for maximum light control
  • Shroud can be rotated 360°
  • Fast- mount solid bronze canopy base
  • Pre-wired with 35 ft #16-2 No Ox marine grade wire
  • 10.25″ tall x 2.25 wide
  • uses MR- 16 lamp ( not included


Landscape Lighting

CAST Impressionist Series



  • Includes integrated replaceable 41° LED
  • Module with High/Low setting and changeable optics

    Cast Lighting Tree Light

    Cast Lighting Tree Light

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