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One of the finest security lights on the North American market! Cast Perimeter Lighting is perfect for many applications including constructions sites, prisons, airports, pools, storage areas; the options are endless.







Perimeter Light installation

Cast Perimeter Light Spec Sheet

Case Study Perimeter Light

The combination of low-wattage LEDs and extremely wide voltage range allow perimeter lighting runs up to 500 ft. per low-voltage wire

2012 Cast Lighting – Perimeter Brochure


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A low-voltage security lighting system comprised of rugged LED luminaires and a reliable power supply. Mounted on fence posts, these lights are simple and quick to install, and consume a fraction of the energy of traditional security lighting. Can also be used in any lighting application where long wire runs are required (such as wooded paths and piers). These luminaires have numerous applications for a variety of end users in both permanent and temporary installations.


  • Commercial and Municipal Properties to illuminate long perimeters or pathways
  • Airport Perimeters
  • Energy Providers for power plants and substations
  • Public Parks
  • Residential areas where perimeters need added security but must comply with strict dark-sky ordinances
  • Military – for permanent installations and rapid deployment settings
  • Temporary Fence Providers
  • Event Providers
  • Construction Companies to secure construction sites
  • Aid and Relief Stations
  • Law Enforcement to secure accident and crime scenes



  • Rapid return-on-investment – can replace high-wattage flood lights
  • Provides no-glare lighting for security cameras and guards
  • Each fixture pole-mounted with 2-bolt saddle-clamp and built-in junction box designed to illuminate a 30-ft. section of fence.
  • Outdoor White Cree LEDs with a predicted life of 60,500 hours (10 years).
  • All components protected from dust and moisture – impervious to physical damage. Unbreakable cast metal construction.
  • Low-voltage eliminates risk of electric shock.
  • Extremely wide input voltage range – from 12 to 24 volts.
  • A single 24v wire-run powers 17 lights to illuminate 500 ft. of fence for less than $100 per year energy cost.
  • Dark-sky compliant – full-cut off fixtures do not contribute to light pollution and light trespass.




Other CAST Perimeter Lighting System™ Components


CAST Perimeter Lighting Transformer (300W) (CPT300)
This 24-volt, 300VA(W) transformer, is a robust stainless steel single tap transformer of sufficient capacity to power 17 Perimeter Lights to illuminate a 500 ft. section of fence.

CAST No-Ox  Tin-Coated Marine-Grade Wire


Construction: The luminaire has 4 primary components: hat, body, stem, and base.
Hat:  Sand-cast aluminum alloy with highly reflective white epoxy-coated underside.
Body:  Sand-cast aluminum alloy with LED array inset under waterproof borosilicate glass dome.
Stem: Galvanized steel pipe secured with set screw at top and threads at bottom.
Base:  Sand-cast aluminum alloy junction box with removable cover and knockout at bottom. Junction box houses LED driver. Base also attached to stamped aluminum saddle clamp.
Hardware: All hardware (including screws, nuts, and washers) are zinc-plated steel.
Mounting Options:  Unit equipped with saddle-clamp for fence posts – other options available.
Pipe Mount:  Bottom knock-out can be used to secure pipe for connection to junction box.
Stake Mount:  Trident or standard stake can be secured to bottom knock-out for ground mount.
Electrical:  The LED driver is a proprietary circuit designed specifically for this luminaire.
Input Voltage:  12 volts to 24 volts AC or DC (polarity independent)
Input Current & Power:  0.41 amps (+/- 10%); 6.2 watts (+/- 18%) (over 12-24v range)
Power Factor:  0.88 (+/- 0.1) (over 12-24v range)
Surge and Spike Suppression:  TVS transient voltage suppressor (up to 40 volts)
EMI Filtering:  Inductors and capacitors for filtering to comply with FCC Class B Conducted and Radiated
Components:  All driver components selected for extended operation at high temperatures – no electrolytic capacitors.
Thermal Ambient Temperature Range: -40celcius to 55Celcius
LED Array:  Mounted on aluminum core board, secured to cast-aluminum alloy body with thermal grease backing. Thermal pathway includes body, hat, stem, and base.
LED Driver: Fully encapsulated in thermally conductive epoxy
Light Source LED Array:  (3) Cree XPEHEW Neutral White chips Lumen Depreciation (L70):  60,500 hours (according to Cree LM-80 report)
Color Temperature (CCT):  4,550 K
Color Rendering (CRI):  73 (Note: Higher CRI not required for this application since illumination is primarily for security)
Light Output:  Lamp Lumens: 512; Luminaire Lumens: 265 (at 24v)
Efficiency:  Luminous Efficiency: 52percent; Total Luminaire Efficiency: 37.9 lumens/watt (Note: Use of a diffuse reflector rather than a more efficient direct source was selected to reduce glare from these low-mounted luminaires.)
IESNA Cutoff Classification:  Full Cutoff
Certifications and Standards:UL listing pending (expected date 9/12), FCC Class B Conducted and Radiated, RoHS

Sustainability and Replaceability

Cast-metal components are sand-cast in CAST Lighting’s own foundry in Colombia, South America. Trimmings and defective castings are re-incorporated into new product.
All parts of the CAST LED Perimeter Light are replaceable. Should the LED array or driver fail, then the body or base can be replaced or repaired in the field without special tools or training. Returned parts are repaired or recycled in our foundry.

Control and Security Options

The 24-volt (200VA) CAST Perimeter Lighting Transformer (CPT200) has a built-in manual timer that can be combined with optional photocell (CTPC) or external control unit to tie into existing control system.
Optional vandal-proof hardware and hard-wired security line through conduit can deter theft of luminaires and alert owners via security system.


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