Cast New Craftsman Line of Landscape Lighting

No more excuses that the lights are not within your budget! Introducing the Craftsman Series of landscape lighting from Cast Lighting. We are very pleased to offer this quality line with a much better price point. Now you can have the quality of Cast Lighting with amazing LED warmth. Cast’s LED is indistinguishable from incandescent with it’s beautiful warm color.


CAST Astronomical Digital Time Clock (CTDTC)

Timer Calculates Sunset and Sunrise Time so Photocell is not Needed

CAST Astronomical Digital Timer plugs into transformer timer receptacle.

Works with all CAST transformers (except CJT150SSMT and electronic models).


• Calculates Sunset and sunrise times

• Options for different schedules on each day of the week

• Display prompts programming

• Digital accuracy to one minute

• Rechargeable battery backup

• Daylight savings adjustment

• Manual override ON/OFF

Large Talon Stake (CTSL1)


 MR-16 Bullet LED Retrofit Slug/Module Combo (CBLMOD1**)

Long awaited, this unique combo solution includes a precisely engineered Eurometal component designed to screw into the body of our MR-16 Bullets. Once inserted, the LED module (used in our LED Bullet) is screwed in place.

This is the best solution for customers who want to upgrade their existing CAST bullets to LED.

The slug/module combo ensures excellent thermal transfer and gives you the options of switchable brightness and changeable optics. These award-winning modules are also dimmable, have thermal fold-back, and will not interfere with garage door openers or other wireless devices.

Slug/Modules Combos come in three beam spreads: CBLMOD141 (41 degree), CBLMOD121 (21 degree), and CBLMOD112 (12 degree).


The Large Talon Stake Mounting Accessory


Black PTFE coated Eurometal base with three stainless steel spikes for tilt-proof ground mounting for all CAST Fixtures


Unthreaded Set-n-Stake

Suitable for mounting all CAST Lighting fixtures in ground with stabilization and tilt-proof features


As stock turns this season this stake will be on all the pat hlight fixtures. This will be much more stable and is still constructed with metal not plastic






New Black PTFE-Coated Stakes  

CAST LED Bullets (CBLED141) now come with the new Black PTFE-Coated Eurometal Stakes. These new stakes have a slotted design to allow fixture installation after the stake is in place. The PTFE coating (know popularly as Teflon(TM)) is highly scratch and corrosion-resistant.

We are making a rolling change to this stake for all our small staked fixtures so you will see them emerge as inventories are depleted.


CAST Lighting Perimeter Wall Pack Light – March 2013

New Perimeter Wall Pack Light adds to our excellent Security Lighting line. A low-voltage security lighting system comprised of rugged LED luminaires and a reliable power supply. Mounted on walls or posts (with or without junction boxes), these lights are simple and quick to install, and consume a fraction of the energy of traditional security lighting. These luminaires have numerous applications for a variety of end users in both permanent and temporary installations. For more details check it out here

CAST LED Perimeter Wall Pack Light



NEW Cast Lighting Fixtures- January 2013

We are very excited that Cast Lighting has come out with new fixtures for the spring of 2013! Please check out CAST Impressionist Series page for more information

Cast Perimeter Security Light – Aug 2012

We now have the Cast Perimeter light in stock! We believe this will be a very popular light with any company or municipality requiring security lighting. It casts an amazing light and costs very little to operate. Call Riverdale Supply for more information

August 04, 2012 – Winnipeg Free Press

Winnipeg Free Press published an article Your Nights Can Be Bright   written by Lynne Melvin.

NEW-PondBuilder – June 2012

We are please to announce that we carry PondBuilder including their Formal Falls and spouts! We have an excellent selection of PondBuilder pond equipment such as weirs, pumps, and waterfall boxes. Please call for more info or pricing. If you would like a catalog mailed to you please let me know!


Airmax Eco Systems – April 2012

Great News! We know carry a full line of aeration systems tha are suitable for the smallest pond (under 1000 gallons) , dugouts, and small lakes up 9 acres in size. Aeration is critical to the pond/lake water quality and animal life and these systems are very easy to instal. Airmax aeration and pond dye work extremely well with our lines of beneficial bacteria that we carry.


Arbrux Fountains- April 2012

In addition to Airmax Ecosystems we have also added Arbrux Fountain systems too! Arbrux Fountains is a Canadian manufactured line of surface aeration and decrotive fountains with outstanding quality. For more information, please call or email anytime!


 The RISE Method by Rick Bartel

We still have copies of The RISE Method book written by Rick Bartel in stock. Please contact us for your copy!


NEW SpeakerCraft Outdoor Speaker Systems – 2012

We are very excited to announce that we now carry SPEAKERCRAFT Outdoor Speaker Systems! These systems have exceptional sound quality and are backed with a Lifetime Warranty. For pricing and more information please contact us at 1-877-745-6898


February 2012- Cast Lighting

Thanks again to all that attended our classroom lighting seminars in February. We are planning some hands on events this summer. If you missed our training seminars and would like some one on one training, please contact us to set up a time.


Water Feature Seminar with Rick Bartel- Feb 2012

We had a great turn out at our water feature seminars in Winnipeg and Edmonton at the beginning of February. Congratulations to the those contractors that wrote and passed the Savio Certification Exam!


Manitoba Green Show- 2012

Thank you to all that came by our booth at the Manitoba Green Show. It was great to meet so many new people and to reconnect with those that we have not seen in a while!


LED CAST Lighting- 2012

We are please to say CAST now has a line of LED Landscape Lighting fixtures. Please inquire for more information and pricing.



We carry BACTA PUR beneficial bacteria, an environmentally safe and effective way to treat water gardens and farm dugouts to limit the growth of algae. Please check out out BACTA PUR pages for more information.



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