Algae treatment in Ponds, Dugouts and Small Lakes

Water quality is one of the main complaints of those that have a water features on their property. If water becomes stagnant it will emit a very unpleasant odor.  When the water has excessive nutrients it usually leads to unsightly algae which most people do not desire.

There is hope! First we need to understand how algae grow; it grows in daylight and it thrives on the excessive nutrients in the water. So how do we rid the water of excess nutrients? Beneficial bacteria along with aeration and pond dye will solve most algae issues!

Bacta Pur Beneficial Bacteria

Beneficial bacteria’s are naturally occurring in the environment. The bacteria consume nutrients and organic matter such as sludge, leaves, grass clippings, excess fish food etc.  Each species of bacteria consumes specific nutrients. IET Aquaresearch has determined the best mixture of bacterium to consume certain nutrients within the water feature setting and has mass produced them. The results have been astounding!

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There are 4 main kinds of BACTA PUR to choose from:

Bacta Pur Klear: consumes the nitrites, phosphorous, ammonia etc within the water.

Bacta Pur Sludgebuster: consumes the organic matter such as leaves, grass clippings, fish waste, excess fish food, and sludge at the bottom of the pond.

Bacta Pur Nutripak: provides micronutrients for the mixtures of bacteria

Bacta Pur Pond-a concentrated mixture of the Klear and Sludgebuster- usually used in larger water features.

The beneficial bacteria consume the nutrients which convert it into an edible form for fish and other living creatures within the water for their consumption. Therefore, it reduces the amount of food necessary for your fish.  Bacta Pur to my knowledge is the only product on the market that comes with a Certificate of Quality. They do not add any chemicals such as Hydrogen Sulfide or emulsifiers so it is an environmentally friendly product that is safe for pets, fish and even humans.

The bacteria needs to be double dosed on the first treatment to jump start the levels of bacteria in the pond. From that point, depending on the environmental factors such as fish load, run off, organic debris etc the pond will need to be treated every 14 days or so. If the environmental load is not too heavy then sometimes the doses can be spread out to 3 or even 4 weeks apart.  This product in my opinion has been the best on the market that I have used in my own pond and have sold it to many of our customers! The feedback has been very positive!

Healthy, Clear Circulated Water Column

Aeration is the next most important element in achieving and maintaining healthy water. Not all aeration is created equal! Yes streams and waterfalls create movement and add some aeration to ponds but not enough. Surface aeration looks nice with water spaying in the air and lights at night but does not achieve the desired aeration that adds dissolved oxygen to the water.  Subsurface aeration is the most desirable form of aeration to add to bodies of water.  Airmax Aeration systems utilize a shore-mounted air pump that delivers compressed air to the synergistic diffuser plate on the ponds bottom. As the air rises from the plate, it creates a convection current that slowly and steadily turns the water body over. Bringing the bottom waters up to the top to interact with the atmosphere not only adds oxygen to the water but circulates it as well. The circulation created by the Airmax Aeration System eliminates the thermoclin (water separated into multiple layers based on temperature). When the thermocline is eliminated, oxygen is allowed into the pond’s bottom creating a perfect environment for aerobic beneficial bacteria to thrive. With the help of bacteria, the water column will become clear while muck is reduced at the pond’s bottom.

 Stronger Fish Population

In a thermally stratified state, the bottom half of your pond becomes almost uninhabitable to fish. The low oxygen level and high amount of toxins drive your fish into the much warmer top half of the pond. The Airmax Aeration System de-stratifies the water column, creating optimal conditions for fish to inhabit the entire body of water

Preventing Winter Fish Kill

Keeping the aerator running in colder climates (where an ice layer may form) will greatly reduce the chances of winter fish kill. Dying or dead vegetation will cause toxic gases to build up underneath the ice during the winter months. These toxic gases can displace the oxygen, causing a winter fish kill. The Airmax Aeration system can prevent this by circulating the water column, providing and maintaining an opening in the ice, and allowing the toxic gases to safely escape as well as increasing overall oxygen levels in the water column. Please note: aeration through the winter creates thin ice and safety precautions need to be in place.

Finally, Algae requires sunlight to grow whereas beneficial bacteria will grow 24/7. So how do you shade your pond? Pond Dye is a great option for larger bodies of water. Airmax reduces a selection of concentrated pond dyes in blue, twilight blue and black. 1 quart will treat 1 acre of water 4-6 feet deep!

In summary, a water feature can be a wonderful place to relax. The sound of water can produce endorphins in your body lowering stress.  Large ponds can be a place to swim, canoe, kayak, and relax beside. If the pond is stocked with desirable fish it can become your own private fishing hole!  If you follow these suggested treatments the water should remain clear and healthy all season long.


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