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Landscape Lighting is one of the most exciting growth industry in the green industry! It provides an ambiance to the landscape like no other. When you select CAST quality lighting fixtures you are protecting the environment from the endless waste of low budget fixtures on the market that only last a year or two. As a distributor selling quality products it is important to us to have few warranty call backs because we understand your time and reputation is important. With Cast lighting you will shine in the eyes of your customer.  We are here to help you build your business.


About CAST Lighting

Since 2000, Cast Lighting has used the absolute best materials available to produce the finest fixtures for customers who appreciate quality. The products they manufacture are astonishingly affordable and made from solid bronze, the most durable material on earth. Sand-cast in our own custom-built foundry, their fixtures are timeless, aging gracefully with the landscape and requiring no finish or coating. Paired with state-of-the art, glare-free LED technology, our low voltage lighting solutions are highly sought-after and internationally recognized as best in class.


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