KoiAir KA40 Diverter Valve


Designed for use with Pond Logic® SilentAir™ KA40 Aeration Compressor, this diverter valve effectively splits the main air outlet into two valves allowing you to connect multiple aeration plates.

To install the KA40 diverter valve, simply slide onto the main outlet of your Pond Logic® SilentAir™ KA40 Aeration Compressor. The included nylon thumb screws can be used to adjust or completely restrict airflow to each plate individually.

Each KA40 diverter valve includes (2) 3/8″ hose barbs to accommodate Airmax® EasySet™ Weighted Airline. Hose clamps are sold separately.

KoiAir™ Specs
KoiAir™Mini KoiAir™1 KoiAir™2
Pond Size 1,000 – 4,000 Gallons 2,000 – 8,000 Gallons 8,001 – 16,000 Gallons
Diffuser Plates 1 1 2
Max Diffuser Depth 4′ 4′ 4′
Air Flow 0.80 CFM 0.80 CFM 1.70 CFM
Wattage 17 Watts 17 Watts 35 Watts
Monthly Cost $0.85 (24/7) $0.85 (24/7) $1.70


Item Product Manual Warranty Sheet
KoiAir™ Mini 160193
KoiAir™1 160194
KoiAir™2 160195

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