How Waterfall Boxes work


Pond Waterfall Boxes

  • Pond Waterfall Boxes are filters and waterfalls ALL-IN-ONE!
  • A waterfall filter box is a single point of passage that all water circulates through. Waterfall boxes purify water using beneficial bacteria and biological media.
  • Water filtered with biological filtration is continuously cleaned with millions of beneficial bacteria or Pond Cleaner. Colonized pond cleaner grows on the media found inside of the waterfall box.

How Waterfall Boxes work:

1. Water enters bottom side(s) from the pump
2. Water travels up and thru filter media
3. Water nutrients are absorbed by beneficial bacteria
4. Water receives oxygen during a gravitational lift
5.Water spills over waterfall creating more oxygen for pond
How to determine what waterfall box you need:

  • Pond water volume
  • Potential nutrient load
  • Looks

For example, a 1,000-gallon pond may be 8x10x2ft deep with 10 fish, but if I want the same size pond and a 40in wide waterfall, then I could purchase an Elite 40in waterfall box suitable for 10xs the pond water volume just because I want the look of a low but wide waterfall.

You never need to worry about over-filtering your pond!

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