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Pond and Pond Free Water Feature Ideas and Descriptions

Bubbling Water Features

Bubbling Water Features are a very popular and easy water feature for any yard. Basically it is a nice looking boulder that has a core drilled in the center; plumbing is then connecting to create cascading/bubbling water over the top of the rock which then disappears into an underground reservoir. This is a very inexpensive and easy water feature that can be added to almost any landscape. It is perfect for small yards that you desire the sound of movement water but have limited space. We can provide you with beautiful selection of rocks to choose from and we carry all the components needed to install the feature. We can even offer suggestions as to how to landscape around it so that it will look natural and beautiful!










 Pond Free water feature

Pond Free water feature are a wonderful addition to any landscape especially if low maintenance is a concern. This feature is also great if you have young children playing in the landscape. They will love playing in the stream, floating twigs, leaves, toys from the top of the stream to the bottom–A Natural Play Space! The stream or water fall will create a pleasing sound that is helps to release endorphins and can drown out the sound of traffic or other undesirable sounds. Birds and other wildlife may be attracted to the feature too. This type of feature is very easy to care for! Bacta Pur beneficial bacteria are very important to any water feature as it adds the natural occurring bacteria to the water which essentially starves the algae keeping the water clear.

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Ponds if constructed well can be very beautiful and easy to maintain. There have been many ponds constructed without the necessary components which have been a black eye for the pond industry. It has created the perception that ponds are high maintenance and always green with algae but this could not be further from the truth. 5 key components are essential for the success of any pond 1) circulation 2) beneficial bacteria 3) dissolved oxygen 4) skimmer 5) filter. A pond should be circulated ever 20-30 minutes, proper sizing of pumps and pipes is very important to achieve this. Addition of Bacta Pur beneficial bacteria is important to maintain optimum levels of the bacteria in the pond to consume excess nutrient which essential will starve the algae. It may need to be added every 2 weeks or so but pouring a measured amount into the pond.  Dissolved oxygen is essential for the health of the water. It aids the health of the beneficial bacteria and circulates the bottom of the pond. It can achieve through the use of aeration kits. A skimmer when sized and installed properly will reduce the amount of organic debris that will settle in the bottom of the pond if it is not used. This may require you to dump the basket every 1-2 weeks during the summer months. Filters are needed to catch the small debris and dust in a pond but more important this is where a lot of the beneficial bacteria will grow and work to clean your pond.  The majority of the work needed to maintain the pond will be in the spring and fall when you will be shutting it down and starting it up for the remainder of the summer season it should be relatively easy to take care of.





These Photo’s are from Rick Bartel’s collection.

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Additional items could also be installed in the pond to but are not as necessary. UV lights can be installed in the Savio skimmers which will either clarify or sterilize the water depending on the strength of bulbs and how much water passes by the UV light in an hour. Plants are beautiful addition to any water feature. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but they also draw nutrients out of the water and they help to create a habitat for animals and insects. The photo’s of the ponds below are of work of Mr. Rick Bartel who is a world renowned water feature designer/ installer. We have invited Rick to Canada several times to educate our Water Feature customers on how to create natural looking water Features!

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