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These vases are high-fired, robust, durable, and made to last and offer years of enjoyment.  The vases featured in our collection are naturally rustic and contain variations in both color and texture.  No two pieces are alike, but all share an inherent beauty.  Each hand-glazed fountain vase has an individual character and is a distinctive, original piece of art.


Fountain Kits Make It Easy!
Each fountain is installed on a Vase Base system: including molded base, pump, plumbing, vase, and polished pebbles; everything is included.  Just add water!  Our system makes these fountains easy to install and very affordable.  Installation on most fountain vases should take approximately three hours to complete.



Fountain Ideas and Inspirations


A photo gallery of fountain vases. Click on an image to enlarge.

Fountain Basin Diagram














Mini Fountain Basin

This photo shows how the Mini Fountain Basin is paired with the Mini 8″ Formal Falls.










Mini Basins also work well the the Formal Spouts, smaller vase fountains and bubbling rocks.

Medium Fountain Basin

Medium Fountain Basin, Pump Chamber, Fountain

Medium Basins work well with smooth vases and\or rocks that are 12-24 inches wide or tall.  Taller objects may require Large Basin or some extra liner for splash.

Large Fountain Basin

3-tier fountain, Large Fountain Basin, Vase Fountain

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Large Fountain Basins work great with large single fountains or cluster multiple vases or bubbling rocks together.  The Large Fountain Basin holds close to 82 gallons of water and can house a manifold + pump very easily.



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