Floating Fountains

Introducing the new EcoSeries Floating Fountains in Canada! These fountains pack an amazing punch with the beautiful spray patterns and power. It took many years of testing and perfecting these systems to create this top of line fountain system. We are very pleased to distribute this line of fountains! More..

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Floating fountains are energy efficient. They are simple to install and maintain and will last for years to come. There is a built in timer in the control panel so you can customize when the system is running. 3 beautiful spray patterns that can have 2,4,6 or 8 lights added for night time beauty.


LED Fountain Light Sets-

Option Item Product Manual Warranty Sheet
1/2 HP Fountain w/ 100′ Cord 652800
1/2 HP Fountain w/ 150′ Cord 652801
1/2 HP Fountain w/ 200′ Cord 652802
1/2 HP Fountain w/ 250′ Cord 652803
1/2 HP Fountain w/ 300′ Cord 652804
EcoSeries™ Included Spray Patterns
Classic Trumpet Crown & Trumpet
Classic Spray Pattern - Included Trumpet Spray Pattern - Included Crown & Trumpet Spray Pattern - Included
6’H x 14’W
10’H x 6’W
6’H x 28’W
EcoSeries™ Premium Spray Patterns
Single Arch Double Arch Double Arch & Geyser
Single Arch Spray Pattern - Optional Double Arch Spray Pattern - Optional Double Arch and Geyser Spray Pattern - Optional
6’H x 10’W
Tier One – 9’H x 10’W
Tier Two – 4’H x 32’W
Geyser – 8’H
Tier One – 6’H x 8’W
Tier Two – 3’H x 28’W
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