Fire & Water

ADD FIRE to any of your projects!!!

Complete Stainless Steel Fire Burner Kits and Individual Fire Components.

fire and water


Kits Include:

  • Stainless steel fire burner
  • A key valve with a polished brass key / flange
  • Fittings
  • 50 lb lava rock


  • Conversion kits for Natural Gas & Propane
  • Fire Logs
  • Stainless Fire Pit Covers
  • Lava Rock
  • 28 colors of Glass

Fire Burners:

  • Push Button
  • Match Lit
  • Electronic Ignition

New & Featured Products

Round, Square & Rectangular Burners

  • 12″ to 48″

Penta Burner

  • Ideal for high uniform central flame
  • 18″ to 24″

Trough Burner Kts

  • ideal for use with Formal Falls
  • 24″ x 5.3″ to 96″ x 5.3″


waterfall with fire

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Types of Water Features

Basin Kit for Medium Formal Falls

Basin Kit for Small Formal Falls

Basin Kit for Small Formal Falls

Formal Water Features

Formal Falls Basin Only with Anti-Splash mat

Formal Falls Mini – No Lights

Formal Falls Mini – with Lights

Formal Falls Small – No Lights

Formal Falls Small with lights

Formal Falls Medium – with Lights

Formal Falls Medium- No Lights

Formal Falls Large – No Lights

Formal Falls Large – with Lights

Formal Falls Spout Small Round

Formal Falls Spout Square

Formal Falls Spout | Large Round

Formal Spouts for Columns or Accent

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