Filamentous Algae

Filamentous Algae ( String Algae)



Scientific Name: Spirogyra, Anabaena, Oscillatoria, Lyngbya, Pithophora

This type of algae grows in long chains or threads. When there are large amounts of filamentous algae it is often described as looking like wet wool. It tends to grow along the bottom or attached to things such as rocks or sticks. Oftentimes the algae will become detached from what it was growing on and float along the surface of the water like a rug.

Better known as string algae.


Preventative Treatment:


Aeration: adds dissolved oxygen through water column to the bottom of the pond.

Beneficial Bacteria: reduce nutrients that feed the weeds

Pond Dye : Shades the water to slow photosynthesis


Dsolv will also know out string algae if it has already taken hold.

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