Custom Patio Waterfall

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Custom Patio Waterfall with the 28″ Medium Formal Falls.  Designed to work with the Medium Basin Kit. This custom size Patio Waterfall is 65″ x 44″ x 44″ tall


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Have you noticed that many waterfalls are located off in the distance or at one end of a patio within the landscaping?

Retaining Wall Waterfalls, Sheerdecents, and other sheer waterfalls have gained popularity, but the Patio Waterfall takes the concept to a new level.  A PVC\Vinyl Enclosure along with the Stainless Steel Formal Falls makes this Patio Waterfall one of the most durable self-contained waterfalls requiring little maintenance and care.  The bonus- a Patio Waterfall can be placed on the patio, deck or even on a 2nd story floor indoors\out!

Here are a few reasons a PVC Patio Waterfall could be a good choice for you:

1.  Compact and lightweight design
2.  Durable material- PVC\Vinyl
3.  Paintable to match- existing decking, etc.
4.  Self-contained Waterfall Components
5.  LED Lighting with IR Remote
6.  Simple install- Set, Plug & Play!


Item #- Coming soon

Size-  48″ x 36″ x 36″  (Custom sizes available in 3-4 weeks)

Includes:  Stainless Steel 16″ Small Formal Falls, LED Lights and Remote + PondBuilder Small Basin Kit (Pump & Discharge assembly, plumbing)

Added Value: 3 PVC planter boxes included



New Display Idea for Indoor or Outdoor Use!

If you are looking to enhance an indoor space such as a lobby or conference hall, the PondBuilder Formal Falls can be easily installed into our custom housing.  We now offer housing units that come with simple instructions for a quick install process. The Formal Falls units that have been installed generally take less than a day and deliver exceptional value for the amount of time needed to create.  Try one today!

  • (14) Sections totalling 1400 \ 3ft x 10ft x 4.5ft high
  • (6) Colors Available:

Formal Falls


Euro Falls Package

New in 2012:  Add a sleek and contemporary look to any Formal Falls

  • Architectural Display piece for either Indoor or Outdoor living spaces.
  • Customized for 16in Small or 28in Medium Formal Falls Kits
  • 4 Sections total 1000lbs
  • Overall Dims: 3ft x 5ft x 5ft high
  • Color Available: Stone Grey

Formal falls grey








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