Composite Cabinet

Lifetime Warranty on the Cabinet

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  • Ventilation Fan with Rain Shroud – cools and protects against moisture and heat damage
  • Pre-wired Electrical Box – Simplifies electrical connections for easy setup
  • Elevated Base- protects against damaging flood water
  • Composite Cabinet with Removable Top – protects components while providing easy access
  • High-Density Air Intake Filter- first line of defense. Protects the compressor from outside contaminants
  • Blends with the landscape

Security Features and Replacement parts for Airmax Cabinet

  • Replacement Cabinet fan to cool and protect your aeration system from heat damage. Use for PS40 systems. Standard cabinet size: 23″L x 17″W x 15″H
  • Security Lock Kit for Airmax® Cabinet, 2 Button Pins w/Wrench
  • 4 Lobe Black Knob for Aeration Cabinet
  • Make your Aeration System secure with Complete Security Kit. Kit includes a security band, 2 cabinet locking bolts, locking bolt tool, 2 cabinet locks and 6′ cable.
  • Replacement Cooling Fan Kit for 115 V Standard Composite Cabinet. Kit Includes: Cooling Fan, Finger Guard, Power cord and mounting hardware.
  • Replacement Finger Guard for Standard Composite Cabinet.


Airmax® Composite Cabinet

Our attractive composite cabinet houses and protects the SilentAir™ Compressor from outdoor elements. An integrated cooling system utilizes a ventilation fan with rain should and high-density air intake pre-filter to distribute air evenly throughout the cabinet keeping the interior components clean, cool and dry. An elevated base protects the aeration hardware and electrical components from flooding and rainwater accumulation while the removable top ensures quick and easy access for inspection and maintenance. Every Airmax® Composite Cabinet in our Lake Series™ is ETL Listed and comes complete with a pre-wired electrical box and 6 foot power cord to provide power to the enclosed cooling fan and aeration compressor. Lake Series™ Aeration Systems come standard with a Junction/Valve Box for easy access to line connections under the cabinet. The Airmax® Composite Cabinet comes with a lifetime warranty on the cabinet and a 2-year warranty on electrical components.

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