Chara Algae

Chara Algae

Chara Algae 1

Scientific Name: Characeae

This gray-green branched algae is oftentimes mistaken for a plant because it has stem and leaf-like structures. Two key features that differentiate Chara Algae from other aquatic plants are its smell and texture. Chara Algae has a foul almost garlic-like scent that becomes more prominent when it is crushed. The texture of this algae is very grainy, and when left in the sun for just a few hours will turn ashy and grey. In addition, Chara Algae will not grow out of the water and doesn’t flower like most plants



Pond Dye : Shades the water to slow photosynthesis

Aeration: adds dissolved oxygen through water column to the bottom of the pond.

Beneficial Bacteria: reduce nutrients that feed the weeds

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