CAST LED Perimeter Wall Pack Light


New Low-Cost Energy-Efficient Approach to Wall or Post-Mounted Lighting

The Second Entry in the Award-Winning Perimeter Light Series
(Available 2/13)

Wall Light overview

Wall Pack Spec sheet

“The combination of low-wattage LED’s and extremely wide voltage range allow long chains of Wall Packs to illuminate building and path perimeters.”

CAST LED Perimeter Wall Pack LightDescription

A low-voltage security lighting system comprised of rugged LED luminaires and a reliable power supply. Mounted on walls or posts (with or without junction boxes), these lights are simple and quick to install, and consume a fraction of the energy of traditional security lighting. These luminaires have numerous applications for a variety of end users in both permanent and temporary installations.

  • Commercial, Municipal, and Residential Properties to illuminate building perimeters or pathways
  • Decks and docks
  • Railings and stairwells
  • Public Parks
  • Rapid return-on-investment – can replace high-wattage wall pack lights
  • Provides no-glare lighting for security cameras and guards
  • Each fixture can be mounted to a standard junction box or directly on a wall or post.
  • Outdoor White Cree LED’s with a predicted life of 60,500 hours (10 years).
  • All components protected from dust and moisture – impervious to physical damage. Unbreakable cast metal construction.
  • Low-voltage eliminates risk of electric shock.
  • Extremely wide input voltage range – from 12 to 24 volts.
  • A single 24v wire-run powers 17 lights to illuminate 500 ft. of wall or pathway for less than $100 per year energy cost.
  • Dark-sky compliant – full-cutoff fixture does not contribute to light pollution and light trespass.
Other CAST Perimeter Lighting System™ Components
Perimeter Security Light
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