CAST Impressionist Series


Revolutionary LED line of lights are incredibly well built and upgradable so that the fixture housing will never end up the landfill.  These lights offer design flexibility and have lasting performance.


There are over 200 combinations in just one light!!!

These select fixtures will satisfy 75-85% of the landscape lighting design. The LED color quality in these lights is phenomenal! The light is warm and indistinguishable from halogen. Do you like colored lights for the holidays? This line of light can easily be transformed into any color that you prefer.


CAST Impressionist Series LED Wall Wash Mount (Bracket Mount) (CIWL6)


CAST Impressionist Series LED Directional Light (CID140)


CAST Impressionist Series LED Tree Light (CIT164)




The CAST Impressionist Series is CAST Lighting’s latest entry into the emerging world of advanced outdoor LED’s. The series includes a compact directional fixture (CID140), a high-powered Wall Wash (CIWL6), and a Tree Light (CIT164) (featured on this page). All these fixtures share features that define the cutting edge in the LED low-voltage landscape lighting industry.

The Impressionist Series embodies CAST Lighting’s core belief that landscape lighting is a fine art practiced by designers who express their artistry with light. Such artistry requires lighting tools that are flexible, adjustable, precise, and reliable. Each Impressionist fixture can be dimmed, beam spreads can be changed, and colors added.


Portable Dimmer Control for Impressionist Series (CDIMMER)

Impressionist Series Hand-held Dimmer Control Unit 


Used to adjust the spread and brightness of the Impressionist Series lights.


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