CAST Craftsman Series Silver Spot Light

CAST Craftsman Series: Integrated LED Lights with Exceptional Durability & Performance Priced for Every Budget

Craftsman Series Brochure


When bronze isn’t necessary, these compact Eurometal directional lights feature fully integrated and sealed LED’s. Choose from (3) models with high-quality fixed optics with a selection of lumen levels. These directionals have fewer advanced features than Impressionist and Classic fixtures (so have a lower price point), but share the high levels of durability and performance that define ‘CAST Quality’.

Three High Quality Options
  • (CCSL10536S) Craftsman Silver Spot Light – 36º Beam Angle, 105 Lm
  • (CCSL18336S) Craftsman Silver Spot Light – 36º Beam Angle, 183 Lm
  • (CCW270S) Craftsman Silver Wash Light – 120º Beam Angle, 270 Lm

“We believe every fixture should outlive its light source.”


  • CAST Bronze and Eurometal for unmatched corrosion resistance
  • Unbreakable bodies, hats, stems, and stake
  • No coatings to peel, flake, chip, or fade.
  • No threads that weaken stems
  • Marine-Grade Tin-Coated No-Ox Wire for lifetime electrical conductivity

“We deliver exceptional performance at a great price.”


  • LED components integrated into fixture bodies to draw heat away from the LED’s for maximum longevity and performance
  • Premium-quality LEDs deliver consistent color temperature and accurate color rendering.
  • Superior lenses and optical elements for exceptional beam quality.
  • Electronics protected from electrical spikes and surges
  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMI) filtered to prevent interference with wieless devices.

CAST Craftsman Series Silver Spot Light (CCSL10536S, CCSL18336S, CCW270S)

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