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Landscape Lighting is still in it’s infancy and is a growth market. Cast Lighting is always looking for ways to improve their already excellent line of lights. Below you will find the Classic Series of lights that so many customers have been very pleased with.

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 Cast Classic Series


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Landscape Lighting is like having two different landscapes, one for the daytime and one for the night! It can add security and safety to your yard, lighting those dark areas where intruders could be lurking. It extends the time that you can spend enjoying your landscape. Even in the winter you can enjoy the beauty of you landscape while in the warmth of your home.

There are many different ways to light the landscape. The MR16 bullet is one of the most popular and versatile fixture that we carry. It is quite often used to Up light trees, cross light features and even back light interesting structures or dense plant material. It can also be used to create shadowing by casting a silhouette of wispy plant material onto a wall.
The Cast Tree Light is a wonderful light that is mounted about 20 feet into a mature tree. The light that shines down through the canopy creates a dappled moon light effect on the ground below which is stunning over a patio, deck, pond, path, driveway etc

Engineered wall lights install right in the stone of a retaining wall. The cast a gorgeous light to the area below and out from the light. This is a very versatile light as it can also be used on decks, outdoor kitchens etc.
For a full selection of the cast lighting line please check out the Cast Lighting tab on the right. Cast Lighting is build with quality in mind; it is solid sand cast bronze including the stake. It comes with a full lifetime warranty which is great for the environment as the fixture will last the life of the home and will not be filling up our landfills. Cast also comes in a LED line for additional cost and maintenance savings! Please remember when adding lights to the landscape…Less is More!!


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