Biological Clarifier

Natural Pond Clarifier

Biologica Clarifier
Biological Clarifier™ naturally clears the water, removes odors and breaks
down suspended debris and decaying leaves with billions of bacteria
colonies and added enzymes. The result is a cleaner pond, healthier fish,
improved dissolved oxygen levels and reduced ammonia levels. Biological
Clarifier™ come in easy to use water-soluble packets and can be used in
ponds, fountains, bubblers and disappearing waterfall features. Use when
water temperatures are above 50ºF.

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Natural Pond Clarifier

  • Clears Pond Water with Natural Bacteria & Enzymes
  • Seeds & Maintains Biological Filters Keeping Your Pond Healthy & Balanced
  • Breaks Down Suspended Dead Debris
Option Item Product Label MSDS
Biological Clarifier™ – 6 Packets CCB002-8
Biological Clarifier™ – 12 Packets CCB002-1
Biological Clarifier™ – 24 Packets CCB002-2
Biological Clarifier™ – 96 Packets CCB002-6
Biological Clarifier™ – 300 Packets CCB002-25
CrystalClear® Biological Clarifier™ Dosage Rates
Pond Size
(In Gallons)
Biological Clarifier™
(Once a Week)
Up To 1,000 Gallons 1 Packet
Up To 2,000 Gallons 2 Packets
Up To 4,000 Gallons 4 Packets
Up To 8,000 Gallons 8 Packets

Routine Application Rate:

Apply Biological Clarifier™ every 1-2 weeks

Persistent Problem Application Rate:

If a problem arises between routine applications, apply Biological Clarifier™ at prescribed rate up to every 3 days until the problem is under control.

For Best Results:

Apply Biological Clarifier™ directly into the filter if possible or apply directly to the pond in an area of the greatest circulation. Optimal Water conditions: pH: 6.5 – 8.5, Dissolved Oxygen: 5ppm, Temperature: 50°F.

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