Bacta-Pur Products for Residential Homes


Bacta-Pur Products for Residential Homes

Protect your home and the environment with Bacta-Pur®

Bacta-Pur® provides effective safe purely  biological treatment for home septic systems and drains & improves  ecosystem health & increases biodiversity.

Clogged leach fields are very expensive to  repair or replace. Grease leaving the septic tank causes leach field blockages.  ECOPROBIOTICS®, the probiotic yogurt for Mother Nature can help you to protect your septic system and provide optimized biological treatment. Two products are  available for residential homes & should be used together.

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Bacta-Pur® KLEAN DRAIN for residential drains


  • Eliminate causes of noxious odours
  • Reduce grease, scum and hair build-up
  • Maintain clean drains
  • Increase flow rates in clogged drains
  • Available in 1.056 US qts (1 Litre) bottle

Bacta-Pur® KLEAN SEPTIC for residential septic systems


  • Biodegrade grease, sludge & multitude of pollutants (including ammonia)
  • Reduce solids and their accumulation in septic tank
  • Control causes of noxious and toxic odours
  • Facilitate percolation in leach field
  • Reduce soluble phosphorous, which causes proliferation of aquatic weeds & algae
  • Contains nitrifying & denitrifying beneficial bacteria for leach fields
  • Available in 1.056 US qts (1 Litre) bottle

Bacta-Pur® KLEAN SEPTIC solves septic  system problems naturally.  It is also used for treatment of pit latrines.

Bacta-Pur® Products Features

  • Natural, biological solutions
  • Environmentally safe
  • Available in 1.056 US qts (1 Liter) & 1.056 US gal (4 Liters) containers
  • Non-hazardous, NEVER contain added chemical such as surfactants, emulsifiers or enzymes
  • Approved by MA DEP (Title V)


Aeration for septic tanks coming soon! Check out Airmax FlushPACS




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