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Having a pond or water feature in your yard can become a big disappointment if it turns to soupy green mess. It may not only look bad but it may also smell bad and if you have fish they may be in ill health. There are some excellent ways to prevent and treat algae blooms that are not too time consuming and easy on the pocket book.

Algae needs light and nutrients to grow and flourish. The decomposition of grass clippings, dead leaves,  fish food, fish and animal waste, dead algae & aquatic plants, fertilizer run-off, and any other organic material that may be present in your pond provides the nutrients that the algae needs to grow and flourish. The best way to prevent algae is to keep as much organic waste out of your pond as possible thus reducing nutrients.   For smaller ponds skimmer filters are ideal for cleaning the water and reducing the maintenance immensely. Placing a net over the pond in the fall prior to leaves falling will also reduce your maintenance tremendously.  Even with the best preventive practices nutrients will still be present and the potential for an algae bloom is still possible but there are more ways to reduce the likelihood with the following practices.

Since algae requires sunlight to thrive the easiest way to shade your pond is through the use of pond dye. Pond dyes generally come in blue or black. Blue is a little more efficient in blocking the UV rays than black. Black looks more natural and can be reflective especially in calm ponds.

Algae on the surface and string algae can be controlled by hand removal or by the use of D-Solve. Just turn off all pumps and sprinkle on the affected areas and the algae will lift up easily. The dead algae then should be removed before allowing  it to decompose releasing nutrients back into the water.

Most skimmers have a basket that the debris will drawn into then it can easily be discarded into the compost.  The skimmers also have a second finer filter mat that beneficial  bacteria collects on so the bacteria can clean the water as it passes though the filter.  Both features help to reduce the amount of organic waste and nutrients in the water thus promoting cleaner clearer water. It is important to clean your filter on a  regular basis to avoid clogging. The mat filter should be left alone as rinsing them off will actually remove the beneficial bacteria.

The addition of beneficial bacteria is a excellent way of reducing the amount of the excess nutrients in the water. This environmentally friendly bacteria consumes the nutrients and organic mater in water thus causing the algae to essentially starve. It is safe for fish, pets and people!

Last but not certainly not least – Aeration – every pond no matter the size will benefit from aeration! Not all aeration is created equal. Subsurface aeration with fine bubbles is one of the most effective aeration systems on the market today.  Having the aeration located on the pond floor promotes dissolved oxygen to contact the mud/water interface promoting the digestion of the muck on the bottom and  it releases the build up of gasses. Aeration is like giving the beneficial bacteria a really strong cup of coffee as it speeds it up thus becoming much more effective.  The fish and aquatic life really benefit from the improved dissolved oxygen levels. Did you know that at 5 ppm of dissolved oxygen fish are healthy, 4 ppm they are getting sick, 3 ppm they are dying! Dissolved Oxygen is an incredibly important treatment for all ponds and water features.  Our recommendation is if you can do at least one thing for your pond it should be aeration.

The ultimate fix for any body of water is  

  Aeration + Beneficial Bacteria + Pond Dye = Clear Water

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Fish Food & Care

Fish Food & Care

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