Algae & Aquatic Weed Identification


Has no defined root system and generally floats on the pond’s surface in mats although may start at the pond’s bottom before floating to the surface. Chara looks like a submerged weed, but can be differentiated by its musky smell.


Emergent Weeds:

Majority of plant is emerged out of the water but the roots and stems may be submerged underwater. These plants grow usually around the perimeter of the pond or in shallow areas.

Submerged Weeds:

Majority of plant is submerged underwater. May appear to float on water’s surface but roots grow deep into the water in the muck at the bottom. Reduction of the muck with MuckAway and aeration can greatly reduce the likely hood of weeds


Floating Weeds:

Usually found in shallow water, the stem and root system may start at the pond’s bottom although not always. Foliage will be seen floating on the water’s surface

Blue Green Algae – Cynobacteria

In Canada, herbicides are not registered for use. The best treatment that is safe and environmentally friendly is the following:

Aeration: this is your first line of treatment. Aeration adds dissolved oxygen to the body of the water which in turn speeds up the aerobic beneficial bacteria which consumes nutrients thus starving the algae. The dissolved oxygen also oxidizes the iron in the water which binds to the phosphorous and precipitates it to the bottom. causing it to be unavailable. With dissolved oxygen coming into contact with the muck at the bottom of the body of water it will help to reduce the muck accumulation. Aquatic leaves root in the muck therefore eliminate the muck will reduce the weeds. Reduce the nutrients and reduce the algae.

Beneficial Bacteria: has been harvested from the environment so it is safe to use. It consumes the excess nutrients in the water. The aerobic bacteria is fueled with dissolved oxygen.

Pond Dye: in ponds pond dye is very useful in blocking the UV rays./ Algae needs sunlight to photosynthesize therefore by blocking it helps to reduce the amount of weeds.

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