Airmax EasySet Weighted Airline

airmax-easyset-weighted-airline-100x100Extend your aeration system’s reach with Airmax® EasySet™ Weighted Airline. Designed for underwater applications, the Weighted Airline rests on the bottom of your pond and is guaranteed not float even when filled with air. A thick-wall lead-free construction creates a durable, fish-safe, kink-free and puncture resistant airline for years of continuous use.

How To Use Weighted Airline:
Weighted Airline can be cut to length with a utility knife and can be spliced together using the proper size Connector Kit. Simply connect the airline to your existing diffuser plate, compressor or airline. The Weighted Airline will sink to the bottom of your pond when placed in the water.

When To Use Weighted Airline:
Weighted Airline should only be used in underwater applications. Airmax® Direct Burial Airline is available for underground applications.

Restrictions and Precautions:
When used with an Airmax® Aeration System a maximum airline length of 1,000 feet per plate is recommended. Weighted Airline is available in 3/8″ and 5/8″ inside diameter. 5/8″ diameter airline should be used when running a single airline longer than 300′ or when more than 600′ total of the airline is being used on your aeration system.

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 Airmax EasySet Weighted Airline

2000 gallon pond or less

16000 gallon pond or less

1 acre pond/lake

9 acre pond/lake


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