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A Case for Airmax Aeration

Building a Case for Airmax

An Easy Choice

  • Quietest aeration system on the market
  • High- performance, self-weighted, virtually maintenance-free diffusers.
  • Backed by a complete SATISFACTION GUARANTEED
  • Lowest cost of operation
  • Easy to install with virtually no assembly!
  • 2-year compressor and electrical components warranty
  • 5-year diffuser warranty
  • Lifetime cabinet warranty
  • Made in the USA

90% Reduction in Nutrients in 90 Days

A commercial paytofish lake had heavy algae blooms and high levels of nutrients. The lake is8 acres and 10 feet in depth. The lake is stocked with over 25,000 lbs of carp and 10,000 lbs of catfish. Fish are fed daily with a high protein fish food. We tested the water for phosphorus and nitrogen and discovered the nutrients levels were high. We also tested dissolved oxygen (DO) to get a feel of oxygen levels at the bottom of the lake, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) to see how much oxygen was needed to create an environment for aerobic bacteria and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and found that there was limited oxygen supply towards the bottom of the lake and a very high BOD resulting in almost zero aerobic bacteria activity.

PRESCRIPTION: – We need to increase oxygen levels to promote healthy fish and aerobic bacterial activity as well as bring down nutrient levels. Based on the depth and size of the lake, we recommended TWO AMIOO, 6 plates, deep water aeration systems.

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RESULTS: We tested DO, BOD, ORP, Nitrogen & Phosphorus initially and once a month after for 3 months. DO increase and became saturated throughout the water column. BOD dropped to near zero. BOD, nitrogen, and phosphorus dropped dramatically to almost zero in the first 90 days.

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lake with aeration

Oxygen Saturation in 14 Days

Elongated 1/2 acre pond, 10deep and the pond owners main concern was fish health and water clarity

. With this in mind, the oxygen and temperature
levels were tested in l’ increments. This test showed that the pond was severely
stratified. Just after 3′, oxygen levels plummeted.

PRESCRIPTION: – Increase oxygen levels throughout the pond to promote
healthy fish and water clarity. Due to the elongated pond, an AM60, twoplate,
deep water aeration system.

RESULTS: Within 14 days of installation oxygen and water temperature were
tested again. There was a dramatic change. Oxygen levels became nearly
saturated and water temperatures became even from top to bottom ensuring
compete circulation.

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Check back soon as we have plans for CASE STUDIES in Manitoba.


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