4 Easy Steps to a Clean Pond or Water Garden

There are so many water treatments on the market today, and everyone seems to recommend something different.  So, what do you truly need to keep your pond clean and clear?

There are 3 areas to keep clean in your pond:

  1. Water column: Keep the water column clean so that the water is clear.
  2. Pond bottom: Keep the pond bottom clean to avoid muck.
  3. Rocks: Keep the rocks clean of organic debris so they don’t get slimy and gross.


4 Easy Water Treatments for a Clean Pond & Water Garden

  1. Pond Cleaner: Pond Cleaner is a 100% natural bacteria containing barley that will keep the water column clear.  Clear water is good.  Pond Cleaner should be added weekly in conjunction with Muck Buster whenever the water temperatures are above 50 degrees.
  2. Muck Buster: Muck Buster is also 100% natural and wil help consume the muck on the bottom so that it stays nice and clean.  Again, add with Pond Cleaner when water temp is above 50 degrees.
  3. InstaFix: AquaFix is available in a dry powder and in a liquid.  It eliminates organic debris from the rocks.  Use the liquid as a broad spectrum/treatment approach.  Use the dry powder as a “spot treatment” to remove debris.  This product should be used every 3 days until you get the results you desire – typically about 3 to 4 treatments.  After that, you don’t have to use it until a problem reappears and typically it will only take one treatment at that point to remedy the problem.
  4. Purify: Purify  should be added whenever you add new water to the pond.  It will remove the harmful chlorine and chloramine which are toxic to your fish and also to your plants.

That sums it up. There are lots of other products available for specific water garden issues, but for regular pond maintenance, these 4 water treatments are all year longou need.

4 Easy Steps to a Clean Pond or Water Garden

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