Faux Rocks

Picture these beauties in your landscape!

– Most realistic faux rock on the market
– Protects valuable hardware
– Disguises unsightly blemishes

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The most realistic faux rocks on the market, the TrueRock™ makes a great addition to any pond landscape. With its weather-proof textured finish and rock-hard construction the TrueRock™™ is not only a viable décor item, but a protective cover as well.

Texture molded and colored to look exactly like real rocks and stones, the TrueRock™ will blend right in to your pond landscape, even when placed amongst real stones! The beauty and durability of the TrueRock™™ make it not only a great protective cover but an attractive landscaping tool as well.

Protect unsightly yard blemishes and valuable pond equipment with the TrueRock™. Constructed from rugged fiberglass materials, TrueRock™ Faux Rock Covers not only look like a rock – they are as strong as one too! The TrueRock™ is great for covering aeration pumps, skimmers, waterfall boxes, tree stumps or anything else you want to hide from view.


  • Realistic Faux Rock
  • Vented for Maximum Airflow
  • Protect Equipment From Weather

This amazing fiberglass rock cover looks and feels like the real thing! It’s by far the most realistic rock cover on the market. The TrueRock™ Cover blends beautifully into any landscape and is the perfect solution for hiding aeration compressors, skimmers, waterfall boxes or anything unsightly. Each TrueRock™ Cover is made and hand-painted in the USA, so every rock is unique. The TrueRock™ Covers come in Sandstone and Greystone to match any landscape.


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Unless you go and knock on these “rocks”, you’d never know they weren’t the real thing! The Pond Logic® TrueRock™ Covers are, by far, the most realistic rock covers on the market. Perfect for protecting aeration units or hiding unsightly yard blemishes. Durable fiberglass construction makes the TrueRock™ extremely rugged yet light enough to be easily moved. These rocks are hand painted, so every rock is unique! Made in the USA.

Pond Logic TrueRock Mini Boulder


TrueRock™ Boulder Covers

Exterior Dimensions 10″L x 8″W x 5″H 18″L x 16″W x 11″H 27″L x 21″W x 14″H 33″L x 24″W x 20″H
Interior Dimensions @2″H 8″L x 6.5″W x 2″H N/A N/A N/A
Interior Dimensions @4″H 5.5″L x 4.5″W x 4″H N/A N/A N/A
Interior Dimensions @5″H N/A 11″L x 10″W x 5″H 17″L x 17″W x 5″H 24″L x 16″W x 5″H
Interior Dimensions @8″H N/A 8″L x 8″W x 8″H N/A N/A
Interior Dimensions @10″H N/A N/A 14″L x 12″W x 10″H 22″L x 15″W x 10″H
Interior Dimensions @12″H N/A N/A 8″L x 7.5″W x 12″H N/A
Interior Dimensions @15″H N/A N/A N/A 15″L x 12″W x 15″H
Weight 4 Pounds 7 Pounds 13 Pounds 20 Pounds

TrueRock™ Skimmer & Waterfall Covers

Exterior Dimensions 22″L x 19″W x 3″H 30″L x 23″W x 3″H 32″L x 26″W x 4″H 42″L x 36″W x 5″H
Interior Dimensions
@2″ High
10″L x 8″W x 2″H 23″L x 20″W x 2″H 24″L x 21″W x 2″H 36″L x 23″W x 2″H
Weight 10 Pounds 11 Pounds 14 Pounds 29 Pounds

Please note: These rocks are irregular in shape. The internal measurements should be used as a guide for how large an item will fit under the rock. If the measurement is close, we recommend going up a size.

Option Item
Boulder Cover – Mini 510403
Boulder Cover – Small 510330
Boulder Cover – Medium 510332
Boulder Cover – Large 510333
Skimmer Cover – Mini 510329
Skimmer Cover – Small 510402
Skimmer Cover – Medium 510400
Skimmer Cover – Large 510401



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