Pond Logic Barley Extract

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  • Naturally Clear Pond Water
  • Benefits Of Barley Without the Mess
  • Powerful & Fast Acting Formula

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Pond Logic Barley Extract

• Reduces Unsightly Debris
• Maintains Clean & Clear Water
• Faster Than Pellets, Cleaner Than Bales
• Easy Application, No Mess Formula
• Safe for All Aquatic Life
As barley straw slowly ferments or rots, it produces a natural extract
which has been proven to work as a powerful treatment, clearing pond
water while eliminating and preventing future problems. While effective,
this fermentation process has always been slow and messy requiring the
barley to be added early in the spring. Designed to eliminate these steps,
Barley Extract was fermented under ideal conditions capturing the powerful
all-natural barley extract, allowing it to work immediately out of the
bottle, with no mess.
Barley Extract is the natural solution to maintaining a clean and healthy
pond all year long. Faster than barley pellets and cleaner than cumbersome
bales, Barley Extract is a powerful liquid concentrate that goes to work
fast. With Barley Extract, you can enjoy the benefits of barley straw
treatments without the mess and without the wait.


When used in accordance with label directions Pond Logic® Barley Extract is completely safe for fish, plants, pets and pond wildlife.

Common Barley Questions

What does Barley Straw do? Many packages of barley straw have been sold in the past few years and there has been a tremendous amount of feedback from customers that told us that with proper use, barley straw can lead to much cleaner, clearer water in their ponds.

Is Barley Straw a form of algaecide? No, Barley Straw is not registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency as a pesticide, and therefore no claims are made regarding its use in preventing, removing, controlling or eliminating algae. This is an all-natural product, and does not contain any know pesticides, chemical additives, or even “ingredients”- it is just barley straw.

How does Barley Straw work? As the barley straw decays in the presence of oxygen (and possibly sunlight); natural chemicals are released or produced that help clear water.

CC095-8-MAP Barley Extract, 8 oz Treats 500 Gallons for up to 4 Months NEW
CC095-16 -MAP Barley Extract, 16 oz Treats 1000 Gallons for up to 4 Months NEW
CC095-32-MAP Barley Extract, 32 oz Treats 2000 Gallons for up to 4 Months NEW
CC095-64 -MAP Barley Extract, 64 oz Treats 4000 Gallons for up to 4 Months NEW
CC095-1G -MAP Barley Extract, 128 oz Treats 8000 Gallons for up to 4 Months NEW
CC095-2G -MAP Barley Extract, 2.5 gal Treats 20,000 Gallons for up to 4 Months NEW

Option Item Product Label SDS
Barley Extract, 8 Ounces CC095-8
Barley Extract, 16 Ounces CC095-16
Barley Extract, 32 Ounces CC095-32
Barley Extract, 64 Ounces CC095-64
Barley Extract, 1 Gallon CC095-1G
Barley Extract, 2.5 Gallons CC095-2G
CrystalClear® Barley Extract Dosage Rates:
Pond Size (In Gallons) Barley Extract (1x Every 2 Weeks)
Up To 500 Gallons 1 Ounce
Up To 1,000 Gallons 2 Ounces
Up To 2,000 Gallons 4 Ounces
Up To 4,000 Gallons 8 Ounces

Routine Application Rate

Apply Barley Extract every 2 weeks.

Persistent Problem Application Rate

If pond water is turbid, double the dose and use weekly until water is clear. Thereafter use every 2 weeks for maintenance.

For Best Results

Apply to an area of the pond with the most water flow for proper dispersion of the product.

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